It’s not a secret that having a child changes your life. After all, there is a small person (not a dwarf) in your house and he or she is kind of hard to miss. And it’s kind of hard to miss the toys underfoot; the cartoons interspersed with episodes of The F Word, Doctor Who, and Top Gear on the DVR; the prehistoric-quality art on the refrigerator; and the massive quantities of whole milk in the refrigerator (I can’t remember the last time I had a glass of milk, let alone whole milk!).

Sometimes the signs of change are obvious (like the constant smell of poo that somehow permeates the house no matter how much you clean). Other times they are subtle.

In the last few weeks, the trees outside of my office building have begun to turn gorgeously red. I love those trees and have contemplated digging up one of them and taking it to my house. Because no one would notice that!

The leaves are starting to fall from those vibrant trees, and they line the walkway to the building. I study them each morning as I walk in, absorbing and marveling at their perfection. This Fall, however, my study of the leaves has changed. My little boy loves nature & loves leaves. Every time we take him outside, he grabs a flower or picks up a leaf. Eventually he will declare that he is “happy.”.

Happy. He doesn’t say “Daniel is happy” or “I am happy.”. He utters that one word: “happy.” But we know exactly what he means.

So now, as I admire the leaves, I find myself thinking, “Daniel would love that leaf.”

Always thinking of him.

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