Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Out With the Old


It’s interesting to me how what’s on my mind changes throughout the day.  If I had been able to type this post earlier, my post would have been decidedly different.

Today we are in major cleaning mode.  We’ve sort of been in that mode for the last few weeks, but now we’ve rented a dumpster and have committed to cleaning out that garage (again) finally as well as throwing away all the other crap we’ve accumulated.

In addition to the acknowledged junk, we also decided to get rid of our guest room furniture today.  That furniture used to be the furniture in my room growing up and was sort of heirloom furniture from my great-grandparents. I think.  And it was falling apart.  The bed was an extra-long full, making buying sheets and comforters difficult.  The bed squeaked like crazy due to its box spring that was older than our parents.  The dresser had seen better days thanks to a mirror that was decidedly foggy and a drawers that didn’t open without great difficulty anymore.  Our hope is to get new furniture for our guest room.

Though I completely supported our decision to get rid of the furniture, I had a moment in which I felt sad as if I were turning my back on my father’s side of the family (from which the furniture came).  But I think my father would support my decision.  It’s just furniture after all and frankly, sometimes, it’s nice NOT to have everything in your house connecting you to generations that came before just because.  It’s nice to chart your own course and do your own thing, and honestly, the furniture was worn and unattractive.

Hopefully I won’t be haunted by great-grandparents gone before….

This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump at All.Things.Fadra


  1. That’s so weird. My guest room has the furniture I had growing up and it belonged to my grandparents (who got it from the Salvation Army back in the 40s). It’s nothing to write home about but I am a sentimentalist. Luckily, I’ve repaired it over the years and it now has a lovely French Country finish. I think it will be around a while longer.

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