#Microblog Monday: Fluke 

We went to our usual beach for Menorial Day weekend. Though we go to the beach twice a year, we have seldom left town for holidays like Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. This year, we just could not bear the thought of another month before our first summer trip and managed to find an inexpensive rental.


We stopped by the grocery store our first evening to buy a few supplies. As we walked in, I noticed a car with the license plate “OtherMommy.” 

What shocked me was that it was the same license plate I noticed almost five years ago and wrote about. It had to be the same person, and the car listed a Raleigh dealership.

I know that sometimes we think coincidences are super rare, even when science tells us otherwise, but still! What are the odds of me seeing that license plate five years later at the beach we visit?

Of course it may be an example of a decent memory and the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. Clearly the license plate made an impression me half a decade ago.

I like a little magic, so I prefer to believe Hamlet: 

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.


  1. I love coincidences like that.. or whatever it is when the world throws those neat little things at us! 🙂 When we moved to this little town in the Dominican Republic (not touristy at all and off the beaten track), we were out to dinner in the first month or two of being here and a lady heard firstly that my husband and I were speaking in English, but then also that my husband had a British accent so she came over to say hi and “I noticed you have a British accent. Where are you from in England?” My husband said, “I am from a little town on the south, about an hour from London.” She said, “I am from the south, about an hour from England. Where abouts??” And he said, “Do you know the town of Petersfield? I grew up there.” The lady was shocked and said, “Yes!! I grew up there too!! Is this for real?!?!” (she thought someone had put him up to it to trick her for a moment). Then my husband said after some shocked excitement himself, “My parents have since moved to a tiny village (seriously tiny as in it doesn’t even have a little corner store or gas station, just one little pub) of Liss Forest and she said, “What?!? My parents now live in Liss Forest too!!!” then they both described where in the village and it turned out they were neighbours with both of their backyards backing on to eachother!!! The next day they told their parents about it and the lady’s parents popped round to my in laws for tea!! 🙂

  2. Such a cool and weird coincidence. I wonder if there is a way to ever connect with the person; if they keep crossing over your path because you’re meant to meet?

  3. Vanity plates, in general, fascinate me because they seem to hold untold stories. Wouldn’t you like to hang around and see who gets in the car?

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