#Microblog Mondays: Beach Fluke 2

Last week I wrote about the fluke I had at the beach over Memorial Day. Well. We arrived at the beach yesterday for our full week of vacation and have already encountered fluke #2.

We were in the grocery store – the same grocery store from last week’s post – and I saw a familiar face. It was a coworker who retired two years ago and moved to Washington state and who had returned to NC for vacation.

How bizarre! Perhaps this is an enchanted Food Lion?!?! I jest but I have raved for years about the bookstore in this same shopping center – it has the most eclectic collection of books and more than once, I have found a book I had been thinking about. Serendipity.

Hopefully these special moments foretell a great vacation. We did see this yesterday, and I’m hoping it is auspicious.


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