#MicroblogMondays: Winding Down

I have only 3 work days left in 2014. It was supposed to be only 2, but I had so many conference calls being scheduled on Thursday that it made more sense to work and not waste a vacation day.

We have our first family Christmas celebration next weekend; then we will be in the holiday maelstrom without a chance to breathe until it is all over. I hope not. Truly. I find myself reaching for a pause button that doesn’t exist. We are the most prepared for Christmas we have ever been: tree up; lights on bushes outside (only one non-working strand); wrapped presents under the tree. Yet I can’t help feeling surprised that Christmas is almost here. Daniel is SO excited. He studies every gift under the tree and is jubilant when he spies a new one, especially if it is for him.

I feel wistful. I want to savor each moment of the holidays, especially the build up to them. I want them to be magical. I love being the maker of magic for that little boy who greets me every morning with the latest (and accurate) days left until Christmas. I don’t want to be harried and stressed.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends.



  1. It’s funny, I feel the same way, except I do not feel ready yet. I haven’t worked for two weeks, yet the house is a disaster and only some of the gifts have been wrapped. I’m still waiting for cards to show up so I can mail them…and then I want to bake and make fun yummy treats, but I can’t even keep up with the day to day! Good luck as you enter the whirlwind of merry making!

  2. Good luck with holiday festivities. And planning something fun for January for the come-down. I have to imagine it’s hard for the holidays to end since they take so long/so much work to prepare. I always feel let down at the end of Purim.

  3. The thought of three more work days sounds wonderful. I’ve been trying for years to slow down and enjoy, this may be the first time I’ve come close.

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