#MicroblogMondays: the Gingerbread House



A combination of cold rain canceling a much-anticipated holiday activity and subsequent, ever-present parental guilt led me to a snap decision in the grocery store over the weekend: we would build a gingerbread house with Daniel!  I selected a kit with what looked to be a simple house with a straightforward assembly.  It would be fun, right? A bonding moment! A holiday memory we would all cherish.

It took only 5 minutes for the doubt to creep in. I carefully removed the gingerbread pieces and the candy. I studied the instructions closely. It was cutting a hole in the bag of icing and treating it like a pastry bag that did me in. This was going to be messy. And take a lot of time and attention to detail. Could I and an excitable 5-year-old handle this project? And then I cut the slit too wide on the icing packet and had flashbacks to my ignominious cake decorating class. This type of activity is NOT a core competency for me! I am not crafty. Nope, not at all.

We managed. It was fun. And messy. Very messy.  Daniel consumed some of the decorations, but he took the craft very seriously and had a ton of enthusiasm. After an hour, we both looked at the house and declared it done. He wanted to draw. I wanted to do…something else.

I told Twitter that it would be my first and last gingerbread house, but now, a scant day removed, I’m thinking that maybe if we made a few modifications to the icing situation, it would be more feasible. And less messy. So maybe we can re-engineer this project for next year.

This is what memories are made of, right?

The kit and its potential

Our kit and its potential



Our gingerbread house

Our gingerbread house





  1. I have chickened out of the gingerbread house two Decembers in a row now. Yours looks great! I really should try it with E. sometime.

  2. Looks good! Next year maybe try the Gingerbread houses at Trader Joe’s. I have heard that they are much simpler. I think they’re more of an A-Frame style and it’s supposedly a lot easier to handle.

  3. How sweet!!! That looks like a great success! Gingerbread houses are huge here in Finland (from the people I know) and so I figured to try it this year with my boy (age 2). I am so glad I am not an engineer! Even with cookie cutters, I still suck. LOL. We have six walls and 5 roof pieces because I couldn’t get the pointed roof to stay in its proper place (swearing didn’t help either). There are no decorations on it (yet?) and it might just stay that way.

  4. It looks great! I bought a gingerbread train kit. Simon is very excited to make and eat. I keep putting it off because of the mess and the 50% chance of a major tantrum. But there is also the 50% chance of lots of fun. Maybe Thursday.

  5. I think that turned out pretty damn fabulously, given that it was your first. Mine are much less architecturally sound. I actually baked the gingerbread last year. This year? Kit arriving any day by mail. #cheating

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