#MicroblogMondays: MC Daniel

Daniel and I listen to music on the way to school every morning because Daniel is not a fan of “the talk” as he refers to NPR, etc. My compromise is that we will listen to channels I like, so that means Lithium (90s alternative), the 80s and 90s channels.

It’s led us to have some interesting conversations: “Mommy, what’s this song about?” when Digital Underground’s “The Humpty Dance” came on (alas I wasn’t quick enough to tell him it was about Humpty Dumpty, stuttering something about it being about dancing). And telling me he really likes Ben Folds Five’s “Brick,” which is a tad awkward given the subject matter of the song. Daniel seems to prefer the 80s channel, so my work is done.

A few days ago, an Eminem song came on and he asked about it. I told him how Eminem got his name and he giggled. Then he said, “You can call me Skittle!”




  1. Love it. And he has good taste, Ben Folds is awesome. My proudest moments are when my kids appreciate the music I loved when I was young. When my 7 year-old asks for Duran Duran, I high-five myself.

    And we also have times when I don’t change the station fast enough and we end up having really awkward conversations. Like that “I’m Sexy and I Know It” song got my daughter to ask what “sexy” means. My answer was something like, “It’s…. a sort of grown-up version of pretty?”

  2. Ooooh… Brick. Awkward. I used to love NPR until the twins got old enough to understand what was being said. THAT led to a lot of awkward conversations.

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