#MicroblogMondays: MC Daniel

Daniel and I listen to music on the way to school every morning because Daniel is not a fan of “the talk” as he refers to NPR, etc. My compromise is that we will listen to channels I like, so that means Lithium (90s alternative), the 80s and 90s channels.

It’s led us to have some interesting conversations: “Mommy, what’s this song about?” when Digital Underground’s “The Humpty Dance” came on (alas I wasn’t quick enough to tell him it was about Humpty Dumpty, stuttering something about it being about dancing). And telling me he really likes Ben Folds Five’s “Brick,” which is a tad awkward given the subject matter of the song. Daniel seems to prefer the 80s channel, so my work is done.

A few days ago, an Eminem song came on and he asked about it. I told him how Eminem got his name and he giggled. Then he said, “You can call me Skittle!”



More Chances to Do Good

Do good.  Doesn’t that sound awkward?  My instinct is the change “good” to “well,” but that is incorrect since “good” is being used as a noun, so I grit my teeth and leave it.

First of all, thank you so much for your help supporting Justine’s Sandy baking auction.  She raised over $400 for the United Way!

I have two more charitable opportunities to tell you about.  If you are able to donate, that would be wonderful, but as always, you are under no obligation to do so although I would be very appreciative if you will help spread the word!  Both of these opportunities are being promoted by bloggy friends I’ve met in person and now consider to be IRL friends, and they both offer a great treat if you donate 🙂

Salvation Army of Wake County

Yesterday Laura alerted me and several others that the Wake County Salvation Army was short of Angel Tree adoptions for 2000 children.  While the deadline to fulfill a specific Angel Tree wish was today, you can still donate to them online.  If you do donate, be sure to comment on Laura’s photography blog.  She is giving away a free photography session to one lucky donor!

The Reedster’s Hope for Children Campaign

My hysterical friend Cindy and one of my roomies for the 2013 Type A Parent Conference is raising $1000 in honor of her daughter Akeyla to help provide a pediatric clinic in Tercha, Ethiopia.  She is a little over halfway to her goal and if she reaches her goal, she is going to video herself performing Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and post it on her blog.  Who doesn’t want to see that?

And finally, thank you for all your prayers and good wishes for my friend Angela after her stroke.  She is doing much better than anyone expected.  She has been walking with a walker, eating and even speaking a few sentences.  She has been moved from the hospital to rehab.  While she still has a long road to recovery, there are lots of positive signs. Let’s make a few more miracles happen this holiday season.