Week in My Life 2012: Wednesday

Wednesday got off to a rough start.  Around 4:30 AM, Daniel woke up, ran to his bedroom door and started calling, “Mommy, come cuddle me.”  We woke up and waited to see if he would go back to sleep.  He didn’t and started to get really upset, so off to his room I went.  I got him back in bed and cuddled him, and he seemed to settle.  I went back to our room and had barely gotten back in bed before he was out of bed and calling out for me again.  He didn’t become as upset as before and after about 15 minutes, he returned to his bed and fell asleep.  I fell asleep again too and didn’t wake up until almost 7.  Oops.

Running very late, I raced around to get ready, but my racing didn’t feel as fast as it needed to be.  I felt like I was moving through molasses.  Daniel slept late too, and I had to rush him.  Sensing my desire to get out of the house ASAP, he did what any 3-year-old would do and decided that following directions was optional.  I told him to put on his shoes 4 times.  He debated whether he was wearing pants or shorts with me as a diversion from actually putting them on.  He decided he didn’t like the socks he had on after he had already put his shoes on.  He informed me his name was not Daniel; it was Diesel.  He thought chasing the cats around the house was great fun despite my admonition not to.  He refused to come in the bedroom to change, standing in the doorway, meaning I couldn’t close the door and causing me to have to do a little cat chasing of my own.  My frustration boiled over, and my tone became sharper than I would like.  When he was putting on his shoes, he said, “Mommy, are you happy?”  I answered, “I will be happy when you have your shoes on.”

Not our best morning.

Looking attractive on the outside; feeling like crap on the inside

I was supposed to attend a free conference, but I decided to skip it and head to the office since I needed to hunker down in my office.  I also had a slight headache and was glad to partially close my door and work.  I was mostly left alone too.  Maybe it was the “talk to me and I’ll cut you” vibe I was giving off?

I dare you to ask me a question

At 5, I trudged out to my car, my eyes bleary from staring at my monitor all day.

OMG is it only Wednesday?

Daniel hadn’t napped today, but he was in a good mood on the way home.  Even though the sun is often in my eyes this time of year, I love how pretty the drive home looks.  It’s like someone turned down the sun just a bit.

He loves his stuffed animals. He has three with him.


Not the best pic, but hopefully it conveys the light

Jimmy and I both hoped for a better evening than Tuesday, and it was.  Daniel wanted Jimmy to build him a fort in the kitchen.

Fort in the kitchen! No cats allowed

Despite not being pizza or ice cream, Daniel enjoyed his turkey dog and tater tots.  He was less enthusiastic about the carrots.  Oh, have I told you his new habit?  He likes to spit.  That includes spitting out vigorously food he does not like onto the floor.

These carrots suck

Every other sentence out of Daniel’s mouth lately seems to be, “What is that?”  It’s very cute except when you’re driving and can’t figure it out and he continues to ask until you finally make up something.  Not really.  OK sometimes.  During story time, he kept touching parts of Jimmy’s face and asking, “what is that?”

What’s that, Daddy?

After Daniel was in bed, it was time to tackle Wednesday’s chores.  We have to make lunch for Daniel to take to daycare and on Sundays, I make three lunches, so on Wednesday I have to make two more. I’m kind of in a rut with his lunches because I end up making the same thing (wraps), so if you have any suggestions that don’t need to be warmed up, please give them to me!

I think it looks pretty yummy.

Jimmy and I ate and began a documentary while elderly feline Bit eyed my side of the bed, ready to pounce if I got up.

Move, old lady, and that spot is MINE

And that was Wednesday!  After a rough start, it ended quietly and rather mundane, which was awesome.


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