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The Plague Years

Daniel has pink eye.

Pink Eye

The diagnosis today comes on the heels of me being diagnosed with a sinus infection last Sunday (Dr. Twitter & nasty smelling snot did not steer me wrong) and Jimmy being sick too.  I…have no words.  Well, I do, but they aren’t fit to print.  They are variations of WTF only said with much more vehemence.

Thankfully, Daniel is in a decent mood despite the nasty yellow shit dripping from his eye, and I’m sure the $93 eye drops will help a lot.  I still have a stuffy right ear and more snot than anyone needs; Jimmy’s symptoms seem to be more throat/cough related.  Fun times in our house!

Other seasoned day care moms have told me that yes, day care is an illness incubator but it will pay off once Daniel starts school.  I really, really hope so.  Also, I went from never, ever being sick to catching everything Daniel brings home.  That is unusual for me, and I feel a bit defective.  Where did my immune system go?

Work is also culpable in that I am going to a crap-ton more meetings than I usually go to.  We are trying to do major alignment efforts and build functional teams, but wow, a lot of meetings are required to do that.  I’m happy to participate but given my role in the organization, I feel like I need to be on all the teams.  Have I mentioned that I don’t like people? That’s a problem.

So, nothing but whining here.  I have many posts in my head but no time to type them out.  I’ve noticed more silence than usual in the blogosphere, so maybe we’re all feeling wiped at the start of the school year.

It’s amazing that 2012 is 75% finished.

I’ll leave you with a few fun articles. I really hope to be able to provide something approaching scintillating content soon.

What’s stressing you out right now?