Epi What?

After a few days of glasses & conjunctivitis drops (the term my MD eye doctor insists I use), my left eye looked better. Until it didn’t and suddenly the redness reappeared. And the conjunctivitis meds made my eyes feel dry & raw, so I wasn’t sure if they were hurting or helping.

Finally, today, I went to my MD eye doctor (ophthalmologist and he’s very proud) and he diagnosed me with episcleritis. Basically an eye inflammation, but no one can agree on a cause for it. My doctor glibly told me it was the result of too much stress, which I have along with a billion or two other people. Since I still have conjunctivitis (dare not use “pink eye” in his presence), I suspect that my Head Cold from Hell is the source of both.

The prescription is steroid drops will be alternated with drops for the lingering conjunctivitis for at least another week. That means another week at least of glasses. I can deal with glasses, but I don’t like driving at night in them. I consider my glasses ideal for short assignments. Right now, though, they will be my primary correction source.

February has been a long month. I hesitate to blame all of my woes on Mercury Retrograde, but it seems frighteningly apt.

Oh well. March is around the corner.



Perfect Vision, Shedding and What I Learned Over the Holidays

My new supply of contact lenses for my left eye came in yesterday, and I cannot express adequately how much better it feels to have both eyes corrected appropriately.  It literally makes me see 2013 differently.  That might be a bit of hyperbole based on my euphoria at not having to squint or hold my head a certain way to avoid eye strain, but I almost did cartwheels down the hallway at work this morning after I put in the new left contact.  I’m fairly certain that doing so would have ended up badly, especially since our hallways are narrow and I haven’t done a cartwheel in years.  Feel free to picture me doing cartwheels though.  Beautiful, straight-legged cartwheels much better than anything I ever did in reality.

While our 17 days off were hellacious, they weren’t doom and gloom every minute.  Since we declared our independence from the scourge known as Time-Warner cable, we have been taking advantage of the free shows on Amazon Streaming and watched a ton of great programs over the holidays.  And bonus, they were primarily educational!  We got in some learnin’.   It’s funny because I used to scorn Nova on PBS when we had cable, but now the 8 seasons available are our go-to viewing.  I was also excited to find out that several seasons of Deadly Women as well as Infested were available for free as well.   Here are a few things I learned over the holidays:

  • All of our heavy metals came from space
  • If you start to detect iron from a dying star, get out of the way because it’s about to collapse and may go supernova on you.
  • Humans have only 23,000 genes.  Ears of corn have more genes.
  • It is possible to injure the brain in such a way that you no longer dream
  • It’s possible our brain cases expanded, allowing our brains to grow larger because in humans, the gene for a strong jaw was deactivated unlike in primates
  • If you live in an apartment complex infested with cockroaches and only one apartment refuses treatment, that’s enough to allow the infestation to grow no matter how much the complex is treated
  • Saturn’s rings are made up of the remnants of an early moon ripped apart by the planet’s gravity
  • Time does slow down slightly if you are moving
  • If you discover multiple life insurance policies on you of which you were unaware or your spouse has been married several times and is vague about their whereabouts, you might want to check into it
  • Pluto will always be a planet in our house, damn it

In all seriousness, I highly recommend Nova’s 2-hour episode “What Darwin Never Knew.”  It is fascinating and mind blowing.


I didn’t come up with resolutions for 2013.  I have some specific ideas of what I want to accomplish and/or change, but I don’t want to codify them.  Some friends have come up with a word or theme to describe their focus for 2013 and after thinking about it, I decided my theme is “to shed”:

  • Shed weight
  • Shed negativity
  • Shed doubt
  • Shed baggage
  • Shed distractions

Usually I dislike January because it is such a come-down after the holidays but this year, I like it.  I appreciate how squeaky clean and new it is.  It makes be believe I can bathe myself in it and wash 2012 away.  It makes me think I can have a better year than last.  It makes me think of snow and how pristine and cleansing snow is.

Three days into the new year, and I already feel better.




J and I are both feeling very “blah” this week and can’t exactly put our fingers on why. I think part of my “blahness” is because I’m having problems with my vision. I have horrible vision and wear contact lenses. A few months ago I had my eye exam and got new contacts and even more exciting, a new pair of glasses. Then my face started to hurt. Eye strain. I finally figured out something was going on with my prescription, and the eye doctor changed my left prescription. A few weeks later I started having aches around my temple and under my eye and even more fun, neck and arm soreness/stiffness. Back to the eye doctor I went and got a new prescription for my right eye. And here we are again, a little over a week later and I’m having slight facial soreness again and worse shoulder and arm soreness.

Argh. I don’t know why it is so difficult this time to get the correct prescription. I’ve worn contacts since I was 12, and I’ve never had this much trouble. In addition to the various aches and soreness, the eye strain makes me feel like I can’t concentrate well and put my thoughts together coherently. I feel all grumbly this week.

J thinks his “blahness” is due to stress. His company has gone through a “merger” with another company, and details about what the merger means for employees are starting to come out. We think he’ll be ok job-wise for about a year, but will he be offered a job with the new company? Will the job be in Charlotte, meaning either we move or no job (and we don’t want to move)? The good news is that we have a little time to prepare. The bad news is that the job market isn’t great.

I also think we’re tired. Not tired in that we haven’t gotten enough sleep but emotionally tired. The last 12 months have been really, really hard and I think we’re scraping the bottom of our energy reserves. Depleted.

I don’t think Daniel is feeling “blah.” He loves playing with his letters and is so happy to see his trains when we get home. He is slowly but surely adapting to preschool, which is a huge relief. No tears at drop-off today though his teacher reported that he cried a bit when they got into his classroom.

Hopefully this “blahness” will go away soon.

You are my sunshine