This Time Last Year…

It should be no surprise by now that I am absurdly sentimental and can find a memory-good or bad-for almost any day.

Well, today truly is a special day. This time last year we found out that, well, we were having a Daniel!! For the months before our ultrasound, I had gone back and forth on whether we were having a boy or girl. Some days I thought girl, others boy. Finding out that all of my cousins had or were having boys caused me to vacillate as well.

We always thought we would have a girl, and it is easy to be seduced by pink, frilly everything. However, I woke up the day of our ultrasound and just knew it would reveal a boy.

And it did. I was shocked for about 5 seconds–mostly because now we knew for sure–but then I was thrilled. Honestly, all we wanted was a healthy baby, boy or girl. I loved him because that’s what had been given to us.

Now, a year later, I love D for him. He is so wonderful and happy. Today we made each other giggle for a full 10 minutes. I love that kisses in a certain spot can make him guffaw. I love his energy even as he exhausts me. He is our miracle, and I celebrate that today is the anniversary of being able to put a gender and name to what we were expecting.

He is my baby boy, and I couldn’t ask for more.