Week in My Life 2012: Thursday

OK.  Here I am posting about Thursday and I finally find myself able to do a morning routine post.  Yikes.  Y’all, it’s been that kind of week.

So, Thursday was the day I washed my hair again.  In case you are keeping score at home,  I washed my hair on Monday and then again on Thursday.  In my defense, I meant to wash my hair on Wednesday, but we overslept.  Also, maybe it is my lone superpower, but I can go a few days between hair washings before my hair completely collapses.

Anyway, I present for your amusement the 5 stages of my hair, analogous to the 5 stages of grief.

Stage 1:  I washed my hair.  I had to or my hair was going to walk off my head

Stage 2: Moment of truth.  Do I attempt to dry it or let it dry naturally?  If I use the dryer, do I beat my hair into submission with the round brush?  See, the issue is that the older I get, the wavier my hair becomes.  That’s not a humble brag.  I had stick-straight hair growing up, but now it’s wavy.  And when my hair is short, it’s curly.  Sort of.  The curls look good the first day but less so the next day because my hair is oddly curly. Even though I prefer to be as low-maintenance as possible, I’ve discovered that when it comes to my hair, a few minutes with the hair dryer helps me have manageable waves without looking like, well, I let my hair dry naturally.

Wet hair!

Stage 3: Half of my hair is wet, the other half dry.  Am I really leaving the house this way?  Yes.

I have no shame

Stage 4: OK, my hair has dried a bit and looks semi-decent

Dressed to impress obviously

In between Stages 3 and 4, Daniel wakes up.  Mornings are not his best lately because he does not want to get dressed and go to school, so much cajoling is involved.  He also wants to undress and dress himself except when he doesn’t.  Finally, he is dressed and eating his granola bar. The shirt he is wearing wasn’t my original choice and is too short, but he demanded a Thomas shirt and frankly, I capitulated in order to get us out of the house without me pulling out my semi-dry hair.

I win, Mommy!

Oh look!  The kitty cats want to eat too.

I dunno…they look pretty well-fed to me

Daniel insists on doing everything for himself!  Like putting on his shoes.

Like putting on his jacket.

Like getting in the car by himself which is rather impressive considering I have a Honda Pilot that is a little higher than a normal sedan.

I really am proud of him. It’s just frustrating during the morning rush.

Finally, we’re on our way, and he is eating part 2 of his breakfast, his waffle.


This Thursday, after dropping off Daniel at daycare, I had to take my car to the dealership for an oil change.  I sat there for almost an hour before the shuttle came to take me to work.  I was intrigued to see free masseuse services while I was there.  Um no.  But I can show you how my hair dried.

So very attractive

And then I went to work and had more meetings and wanted to bang my head against a wall.  Happy Thursday!