The Feasting Continues

The Angus Barn is kid-friendly with a toy chest they can rummage in

As if it weren’t gluttony enough to have a bunch of yummy leftovers from Thanksgiving in the refrigerator, my mother’s birthday was yesterday, and she decided she wanted to celebrate by going to the Angus Barn since she hadn’t been there in a while.  If you aren’t familiar with the restaurant, it’s an upscale steak house.  The head chef is well known for winning an Iron Chef battle against Cat Cora.  Honestly, J and I weren’t exactly in the mood for it since we’d had several days of rich food, but hey, she was paying, so who were we to look a gift horse in the mouth?

Self-made ice cream sundae. Yum!

We took Daniel with us.  It wasn’t his first time – we celebrated my very first Mother’s Day there with brunch when he was 11 months old–but the Angus Barn isn’t somewhere we’d typically take him even though it has rustic decor and is fairly family friendly.  We compensated by getting a reservation for 5pm and not having a pre-dinner drink in the Wild Turkey Lounge.

J and I were a bit anxious, especially since Daniel had a very late nap, but he did beautifully.  Of course we packed about 14 books, a zillion trains and a variety of snacks to bribe – I mean to keep him entertained. Daniel may not eat vegetables, but he is a steak connoisseur, enjoying more of J’s prime rib than he did.  I was pleased that he also tried a few spoonfuls of sweet potato bisque (which was disappointingly not nearly as good as it has been in the past).  Being very full, we skipped dessert in favor of cappuccino, but Daniel had ice cream.  It was cool because our server took us back to the kitchen for him to customize his ice cream with sprinkles, whipped cream and a cherry.  Very cool!

The Angus Barn was decorated for Christmas, and they go all out.  There was lots for Daniel to look at, and I think that helped keep him entertained.  On the way out, he grabbed a couple of apples and chowed down on one on the way home.

Best of all, we now have steak leftovers to go with our turkey.  Will my waistline ever recover?

What is your favorite restaurant in which to celebrate special occasions?

Posing in front of the huge tree in the lobby

A Thanksgiving Recap

A day of prep and cleaning on Wednesday.  The first item in the oven just before 9am.  The last item out of the oven at 4:30.  One emergency trip to the grocery store for more celery and onion due to an old sauté pan’s coating flaking into the veggies, thus negating some of the prep effort from Wednesday. Panicking at noon when the turkeys weren’t in the oven yet and beginning to wonder if we were going to pull this shindig off at a reasonable hour.  One clingy toddler who wasn’t thrilled that the meal preparation was getting more attention than he was.  I got a shower (a Thanksgiving first); J did not.

Somehow, it all came together, and miraculously, we were sitting down to dinner at 4:30, the time we had planned to eat.

The dining room table pre-feast


And it was delicious (if I do say so myself!).

Good food and fellowship.  Precious time with four generations of family (from 91 to 2 years old – we’re practically the family in The Christmas Song)  who have been through so much in 2011 and still have more rough times ahead based on recent news.    Last night, none of that mattered.  We ate and toasted.  Laughed and chased Daniel who was extremely hyper.

I prefer to eat and run


It was perfect.

J and I had the dishwasher loaded and the hand washing finished by 8:30.  The Wee One collapsed into bed at 7.  And then we settled in to watch Lady Gaga (I wasn’t joking about the DVR being set to record it).

J's mom, Daniel and I laughing over a video


Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope yours was great too.


  • Leg of lamb
  • Turkey w/ rosemary and garlic
  • Sweet potato casserole
  • Rosemary garlic mashed potatoes
  • Green beans w/ shallots, bacon and almonds
  • Collards
  • Dressing
  • Corn pudding
  • Rolls

A Thanksgiving Poem

I apologize in advance for any sensibilities I offend with poor meter and sketchy rhymes.

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving
And after prepping my home
My poor, tired brain
Was as substantial as foam

The turkeys were thawed,
Awaiting the morrow’s toil
Not expecting the violation
Of garlic, herbs and oil

The toilets had been scrubbed
within an inch of their lives
While I shuddered, aghast
At how any of us survived

The veggies were chopped
The tablecloth was clean
The cats were on edge:
What did the activity mean?

The DVR was set
To record Lady Gaga
My tiny sous chef ready
To help daddy and mama

The cat hair was swept
The wine ready to pour
After a hellish trip
To the grocery store

I think we are ready
I hope you are too
To eat and give thanks
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Boring Saturday

I had planned to write something profound today but alas, profundity escapes me. We had a weird Friday in which Daniel fell asleep on the way home but was restless during the night, which woke us up several times, so we are in the odd situation of having gotten good sleep technically but fragmented sleep overall. Also known as engendering little sympathy.

Today we had hair cuts and the grocery store plus an early night for Daniel due to a very abbreviated nap. As a result, it’s now barely after 8. We’ve eaten dinner & are discussing Christmas presents, but we are tired. It’s pathetic, but I would love nothing more than to go to bed soon. I’m exhausted.

I’m old. Or becoming that way.

Happily, our groceries for Thanksgiving are in the refrigerator. I love seeing a full refrigerator and love cooking for my family. It will be fun, and each year provides us an opportunity to create a new memory or a new tradition.

I hope your Saturday went well!