The Oven Lives!!

I wrote of our oven woes earlier in the week.  By Tuesday, Jimmy thought he had identified the problem but couldn’t find any place to obtain the part.  He called a few repairmen but none of them returned his call.  Wednesday he located a Whirlpool parts store in the area, picked up the part and replaced it.  We weren’t sure if it would solve the problem, but we hoped.  That night, we preheated the oven for bread. So far, so good.  We baked the bread according to the instructions, and the oven neither exploded nor beeped incessant error codes. We used the oven again the next day without incident and ran diagnostics, confirming the problem solved and for under $100.  Yay, Jimmy!

And, as a bonus, we got to clean the (filthy) sides of the oven and the space behind it.  Yippee.

jimmy fixing the oven