pumpkin spice coffee

Capture the Everyday: Sign of Fall

The leaves may have begun to change dramatically only in the last few weeks, but in our house, Fall begins as soon as we see this in the grocery store:

Pumpkin spice coffee

Yes, there are 5 bags of pumpkin spice coffee in my freezer, and we’ve probably gone through 4 or 5 bags already.  We stalk it.  Usually we find the Millstone brand at Kroger but were only able to find a few bags early in the season this year.  Walmart used to carry it, but we didn’t see it this year.  However, I did find the Dunkin brand of pumpkin spice there, and it’s pretty good.  It seems to have more cinnamon than the Millstone.  I bought two bags and then bought 3 more.  In years past, we’ve bought ridiculous amounts and hoarded it in the freezer, even grinding some for our espresso machine.  Mmmmm pumpkin spice lattes!

We may not finish our stock of pumpkin spice before it’s time to turn to peppermint (we already have one bag in the freezer), but we’ll tuck it deep in the freezer so it will be there for us next year to tide us over until we can find a new stash.

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