Week in My Life 2012: Monday

I am so excited that Melissa from Adventuroo is doing the Week in My Life series again!  I hope to participate every day, and it will be fun (or sobering) to see how life has changed for us since last year.

Mondays are rough in my house, especially since I usually have to wash my hair because I didn’t get it together to wash it on Sunday.  That also means I have to dry my hair.  Combine the shower plus hair drying plus getting ready with having waited until the last possible minute to get out of bed, and I was running late before I started.  Long story short: by the time I remembered it might be fun to document my morning, it was too late.   But here I am, dressed and ready for work!

New shirt!

I have mentioned in recent posts and tweets (ahem) that I’ve been spending a lot of time in meetings at work recently.  Yesterday was no exception as my week started out with a day-long meeting for one of the teams I am on.  From 9:30 – 4:30. With only two breaks.  Laptop and cell phone usage forbidden until break time.  It wasn’t quite as hellacious as it sounds because we have a lively team and a full agenda.  Also, they may be able to stop me from using my iPhone, but they can’t stop me from doodling:

More doodles

After work, I picked up Daniel from day care, where I discovered he had taken a 15 minute nap.  How delightful.  Once we arrived home, I hurried him into the house because it smelled and looked like one of our neighbors was burning every leaf they could get their hands on.  Daniel played trains on his train table, aka the kitchen table (despite the official train table taking up space in our living room) while I cooked dinner.

He loves the crane

I’ll humor you, mommy

Once the wee one was tucked into bed for the 4th time, Jimmy and I settled in to eat sub-par Chinese and watch the debate, occasionally hurling obscenities at the TV.

I’ve got your bayonet right here, Mittens

My cat wasn’t very impressed either.

Ho-hum. I’d rather lick myself

That was our Monday.  Comparing it to last year’s write-up, I notice a few things right away:

  • I still haven’t got it together on Mondays because I whined last year about having to shower too
  • Daniel is so much bigger: no more binky and no more crib. Daniel now has the run of the house while we get ready.
  • Daniel is in daycare this year, and our routine and commute are a lot different. Instead of pajamas, he gets dressed (with a good deal of sturm and drang) to go to daycare.  At night, he refuses to wear footie pajamas anymore, which breaks our heart because oh, the cuteness! As for the commute, we travel back roads now and I find myself listening less to talk radio and more to the songs on my iPhone.  That Ire playlist has been getting a work out.
  • While Juliet remains a favorite of Daniel’s, he really likes taking his stuffed Thomas and Percy with him now instead of Alpha Pig.

The Second Day of the Year…

Dress pants & no bedroom slippers

Found me back at work.  While my employer is generous with holiday leave, they decided that we needed to return to work on Jan. 2.  As in the day after New Year’s.  As in Monday.  No extra day to ease us into 2012 and the return to work alas.  Since our response to a new year tends to be draconian resolutions and vows to whip ourselves into shape/cut out destructive behavior of choice/ruthlessly tamp down personality traits we don’t like, perhaps throwing us back into the cruel world of work was the right thing to do.

Get to work, slacker!  You need to exercise that brain before it turns to mush from all that crappy tv viewing, celebrity gossip blog reading and Twitter surfing you did over the last two weeks!

This morning I hauled myself out of bed and put on makeup.  I brushed my hair (no joke – I think I finger-combed my hair most of vacation) and stared dumbfoundedly at the clothes in my closet, wondering if it were possible to have lost the ability to coordinate an outfit in such a short period of time.

Daniel had become used to being able to play with his trains immediately upon waking and seemed a little subdued by the return to routine, though he was pleased to be going to see Ama (MIL).

We dashed out the door and encountered no traffic. I briefly wondered if the Rapture had occurred and I had not been one of the chosen (very likely), but then I remembered that more likely, everyone else was at home.  I think I made it to work in 15 minutes.  Clearly, we are the only poor fools who had to work today.

It has been a quiet first day back.  Several coworkers are still on vacation until tomorrow and the rest of us remained in our caves, er offices.  My office is on the second floor of our suite, and we are an introverted group on this floor, so we kept to ourselves.  We must be eased back gently into the company of others lest our heads explode.  I suspect several sports-minded coworkers were watching football games online but I name no names.

I deleted emails.  I did not check voice mails.  I filed a travel reimbursement.  I tried to remember on what I was working before the holidays.  Did some work.

At least the first day back is over.  2011 was a busy year at work, and I have no doubts that 2012 will be any different.  Sometimes it seems like there is so much to do that I don’t know where to begin. I suppose I’ll tackle it one bite at a time.

How many days until Christmas?

If you had to work today, how was your day back?