Monday Snapshot

Perfect Moment Monday Snapshot: Do As I Say

Maybe I’m cheating, but this post is for both PAIL’s Monday Snapshot and Lori’s Perfect Moment Monday.


As your babies grow into increasingly independent little people, it can be easy to forget that they are watching, listening and absorbing what you say and do.  Sometimes it’s a loudly exclaimed, “Jesus Christ!” or perfectly inflected, “Oh. My. God” that reminds you that little pitchers do indeed have big ears.

Thankfully, it’s not always the negative that is absorbed.  Tonight we observed Daniel roll his tow truck over to his “star fish” behavior chart and proceed to go through each item with his tow truck, meting out his judgment along the way. It was adorable to see Daniel assume the role of the parent and use phrases with his tow truck that we had used with him: “you were a little distracted” for example.

We’ve been doing the behavior chart nightly for months, and we have seen it make a difference.  Daniel is more conscientious and understands what we expect of him; having a tangible, visible score helps.

When you have those days or weeks in which you feel you do so much wrong as a parent, it is sweet to see moments reflected that are positive and show you are having the intended impact.

How did the tow truck do?

How did the tow truck do?

I’m the Monday Snapshot!

Hi. I’m here. Insane, but here.  We have under 2 weeks to go until our Listen to Your Mother show and much like a wedding, there are many last minute details to finish up.  I find myself humming, “There’s No Business Like Show Business” at odd moments, but you know? It feels GOOD to be back in this theatrical environment. Also? Tickets are still available!

And work has responded by crowding my calendar with meetings, meetings and more meetings.  Today I was in Greensboro for our strategic plan refresh session. I was in meetings pretty much every day last week and will be in meetings every day this week. Even Friday, and that’s just wrong!

Months ago, I signed up to be part of PAIL’s Monday Snapshot. They told me it would likely be April before mine went up, and I promptly forgot.  Last week, they emailed me that Monday was my day, and I promptly forgot again. Then this morning, I woke up to an email asking if I had gotten the earlier email and if I could still participate. Yikes.

I was looking so forward to participating and had screwed up royally. I hurriedly found a picture, wrote a few paragraphs and sent it out. The PAIL ladies were very sweet to work with me despite my tardiness, and my profile went up later today.

I’m not usually so disorganized, and I hope to be in better form soon. In the meantime, check out my Snapshot if you have a moment.

We survived Monday, right?