Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma Chameleon

I’ve been doing some quick research tonight:

  • Be grateful
  • Act with love
  • Watch your attitude

Or this:

  • Be thankful
  • Change your actions
  • Check your intentions

Or this:

  • Ingest a tonic tonic that includes detoxified iodine and fluid extract of wild cherry bark, stillingia, yellow dock root, poke root, burdock root, as well as syrup made with beet sugar

Sounds yummy

Or this to cleanse the home:

  • Cleaning supplies, candles, rock salt, incense, and Tibetan bells
  • Clean your house, open doors, light candles
  • Sprinkle the rock salt in corners of the rooms
  • Turn off all electrical appliances (that may take a while)
  • Clap through each room
  • Light incense and walk through each room (I personally hate incense)
  • Ring the Tibetan bells in each room (I bet the cats will love that)

Or, for $200, you can have an emergency spell cast for you. This kit is a lot cheaper (do you get what you pay for?). This spell promises some awesome outcomes like feelings of euphoria, appetite for life and a trouble-free existence. You can buy one on eBay!  You can buy anything on eBay!

Yes, I’ve been researching karma cleansing.  Why?  Because we had an unexpected after-hours visit to Daniel’s pediatrician today.  We went in for one issue and left with a prescription for an antibiotic for his BRONCHITIS (!).  The original issue still exists but is likely more of a nuisance than illness (I’m being vague to spare any delicate sensibilities).

In the past week, all three of us have now been on antibiotics.  Daniel gets a day (or more depending on the original ahem issue goes) at home with mommy.  Mommy wonders whether she’ll work any more in 2012.  Daddy has no more sick leave for the year.

I don’t mind at all staying home.  I work for a family-friendly organization, and I can work a bit from home.  I really don’t mind.  It’s more just the OMG WTF??? of it all.  Bronchitis?  Really??

I just…shake my head.  Throw up my hands.  Wonder when we’ll catch a break and start seriously considering whether we should look into one of the karma cleansing rituals or kits. In the meantime, I take comfort that Daniel seems to be full of energy and feeling good even though we’ll be adhering to the BRAT diet for a while.

Because I’m getting pretty tired of feeling like my family is being picked on by the universe.

What do you do when you feel like you have received more than your share of bad luck?