inducing labor

Twiddling My Thumbs

Alas, I have nothing new to report. No baby yet. Not even close to having baby. We hit 39 weeks on Wednesday and like magic, I expected the call to come for real. No such luck. F has been pregnant four times before. Each time she has never gone past 39 weeks. Until now. We’re all a little dumbfounded. I expected to have a baby this week, and he seems to be quite content where he is. We had our weekly doctor’s appointment today, and there has been no further dilation. As a matter of fact, F feels great. Lots of energy, good appetite. She has been cleaning like mad. I’m torn between pride and irritation that our baby boy is charting his own course.

We do have an eviction date, however. Our OB practice thankfully will schedule inductions as early as two days after the due date. After we cleared up confusion about our due date again (they persist in using June 8 despite our being given a date of June 3 by the RE and every other calculator I’ve ever used), the doctor said we could schedule an induction for June 8. F really liked the doctor we saw today, and she isn’t on call until June 9, so we agreed to postpone the induction until June 9. So that’s possibly WB’s birth date: June 9.

Am I happy about having a date? Yes but mostly no. Frankly, dear reader, I am PISSED! I want him here! We are soooo ready for him! His clothes and bottles are washed and put away. I’m killing time at work. His room is ready. The floors are 100% done. We are ready!! I had prepared myself for him to be here this or even last week, and now I have to wait another full week and two weekends? ARGH. And F is SO thrilled because she gets her favorite doctor, and the date works out well for her. And that pisses me off too. Did I mention that I have a bit of a short fuse right now? I have been pretty stressed this week because I expected the call at any time.

I realize that there is nothing we can do about the induction date. It could be no earlier than June 8 unless they suspected fetal distress or some other issue. I understand that. So I’m kind of just mad at the world right now. We are sooooooo close to having him here but yet he’s not. And we have waited almost 4 years for him and would like to get on with our lives and out of the suspended animation we have been in. So envision me stomping my foot like an irate toddler. Humph.

In calmer moments, I take a deep breath and realize that WB could still come on his own before June 9. It’s very possible. And frankly, given the personality he has exhibited so far, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. He wants to chart his own course and do his own thing, so maybe he’ll come next week. Or tonight. Who knows?!?! And, it is nice to know that no matter what, there is a firm end date to this pregnancy. June 9, no later than June 10, we should have him.

So, J and I will try to enjoy this weekend. I left work a little early (thank you governor and your mandatory furlough time!) and bought flowers to plant. My flower garden is in dire need of attention and the plan is to address it this weekend. I can imagine taking WB outsite to admire the flowers later in the summer.