Amazon to the Rescue!

Daniel napping w/ Alpha Pig on the way home from the beach

Daniel is a big fan of PBS’ Super Why, and his very, very favorite character is Pig, who transforms into Alpha Pig when they are solving “super-big” problems. Several weeks ago, we ordered him a stuffed Alpha Pig, and that toy has become his lovey. He sleeps with it. He plays with it. He takes it to and from Grandma’s every day. He adores Alpha Pig and joyfully calls, “Alpha!” when he sees him.

Alpha Pig’s constant presence can occasionally pose some logistical issues. One day he was dropped and/or thrown (Daniel loves to make him “fly”) in the parking lot at work during the transfer from my car to Grandma’s car, but we didn’t realize it. Thankfully, some kind soul found Alpha Pig, recognized that he might be some child’s beloved toy and stuck him in one of the trees in front of where I park. When I saw Alpha Pig looking at me from a tree, my heart skipped a beat and I was befuddled, but I gratefully rescued him and returned him to my car. Crisis averted, and we all vowed to be much more vigilant so we wouldn’t lose Alpha Pig!


Last Friday, Grandma and I realized that Alpha Pig had NOT made it from her house with Daniel’s things. Could Daniel go without Alpha Pig all weekend? He was already looking for him, calling “Alpha?” plaintively. Even though it was pouring rain (oh yeah–and a weekend with a HURRICANE approaching), I briefly considered driving to Cary to pick up Alpha Pig. Maybe we could go to Cary on Saturday if the hurricane wasn’t too bad? But what if we lost power or the wind scared Daniel or zombies attacked, wouldn’t he need Alpha Pig to comfort him?

I started to panic. I called J and heard the panic in his voice as I informed him of Alpha Pig’s absence.

10 minutes later, J texted me that he had ordered a new Alpha Pig from Amazon, and it would arrive on Saturday, assuming UPS could make it through the hurricane.

Saturday morning, we were anxious. We communicated in code as we tracked the whereabouts of Alpha Pig’s shipment. We avoided watching the Saturday episode of Super Why and instead watched any Thomas movie Daniel wanted. Then we worried about whether Daniel would accept the new Alpha (Beta?) Pig, knowing somehow that it was not his original one.

Finally, late morning, the doorbell rang. J ran to the door and retrieved the package. He liberated Alpha Pig and we held our breaths and he presented it to Daniel.

“Alpha!” Daniel yelled, grabbing Alpha Pig and embracing him. And the sun shown and birds sang. (Not really – it was windy and raining).


Did we overreact? Maybe. Daniel has many, many other cuddlies, and we could likely have continued to distract him from the absence of Alpha Pig until they could be reunited on Monday. Seeing the delight on my little boy’s face was worth it, however, and now we have a second Alpha Pig just in case.

So thank you, Amazon. Thank you for having a new Alpha Pig to us in less than 24 hours after we placed the order. I’m glad we did not have to experience what a weekend without Alpha Pig was like.