WTF is Wrong with People?

I think we entered a wormhole or something similar because that is the only way to explain how the day passed so quickly, yet with so little accomplished. It was also a day that made me wonder whether it wouldn’t be better if the zombies did take over the world.

Exhibit A

We saw this sticker on the car next to us when we picked up my car at the dealership today.

Fat chicks sticker



This sticker was on a shitty Honda that looked like it could barely hold the driver let alone anyone else regardless of weight. I was astounded that someone had the audacity to put such a sticker on his or her car. Really??? In what world or circumstance would anyone possibly think that sticker was funny or acceptable? Substitute “fat” with “black” or “gay,” and I wonder if he or she would have had any scruples preventing him or her from not putting the sticker on the car. Wow.  Oh, and Jimmy told me later that the bumper of the car had a sticker of fingers making the “shocker.” Clearly we are dealing with a classy individual. And no, I’m not explaining what the “shocker” is. You’ll have to look it up!

Exhibit B

Today was the day we set aside for finishing our insurance open enrollment. We were both already in less than stellar moods going into it because open enrollment is always. such. fun. This year was going to be even more fun because Jimmy’s company was switching plans, and we needed to figure out whether it made sense for him and Daniel to stay on the new plan or move to mine which was also making changes. Yay insurance!

My insurance was offering major discounts off of the monthly premium if I completed a health assessment among other things, so I opened it up to fill it out because it would keep me at the same level of plan and save me $13 a month.  This was the third question:

do you plan to reproduce question

Second WTF moment


Um…what? I get that this is a health assessment and I’m sure they wanted to assign me a “risk” level based on whether I was going to be having a baby in the next year (higher risk!), but wow, that question put me in a foul mood. I didn’t even know how to answer it since at least 2 answers fit my situation. It felt invasive and insulting. All this to save a damn $15 a month. I’ve decided that next year it isn’t worth it for me to save that money. Damn.


However, Daniel is always good for lifting our moods and making us laugh. A few Danielisms from today:

“I’ve learned about God and mammals” – what Daniel says he’s learned in school.

“Mommy, stop saying bad things to daddy” – what he says to me if I become slightly animated during conversation.

“Mommy, I pressed the ‘X’ for ‘cancel’ on this conversation”- what he said when my conversation bored him.

“Mommy, I think I have too much energy” – said after he became bored with quiet time and demanded to be liberated.

Maybe the zombies can stay put for a bit longer. Or maybe we’ll just make sure our house is fortified. Everyone else, you’re on your own.

Notes from a Sick Bed

The sick bed is of course metaphorical because the only chance I have of getting Daniel to stay in one place if I tied him down (Not that I’d do that but I may have fantasized about it once or twice).  That is to say that his spirits remain high and his energy levels impressive despite being sick.

Daniel and I had a nice, low-key day, and the weather must have felt in need of the same because it was rainy and chilly all day.  Perfect November weather!

We watched a few movies (and yes, note the mis-matched pajamas.  Yay!  Something other than Thomas exclusively!  Boo for succumbing to another highly-merchandised character.  You win some; you lose some).

Sick preschooler

He keeps picking at this dry spot on his lip.

Daniel took a leisurely bubble bath and paid it forward by lathering up his bath trains as well as the bathroom floor, walls and me before having lunch.

This turkey dog is most excellent after my bath.

Daniel pretended to nap in his little chair, unfortunately the closest he came to a nap all day. Although I must say that the entertainment that comes over the monitor is comedy gold.

The Great Pretender

The budding architect built a block masterpiece and posed behind his work.

Looks like it will work in the real world, right?

Daniel is feeling better, but he still has some symptoms that prevent him from returning to daycare tomorrow, so on Friday we’ll do it over again.

I bought Daniel a few books on Thanksgiving and giving thanks, and we’ve been reading them nightly for 2 weeks (I’m a tad tired of them).  We’ve been talking to him about the concept of thankfulness and giving thanks, and I think it is starting to sink in a bit.

Last night, I asked him what he was thankful for.  He replied, “My people.”  I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.   Tonight I asked him, and he said, “I’m thankful for Mommys and Daddys” and went on to list the rest of his family, even the ones in heaven although everyone was plural.

Sweet, sweet boy.  Sleep tight, little bear, and we’ll start our weekend early tomorrow.