grocery store

Bird is the Word

Remember yesterday when I posted our Thanksgiving menu and said we would be roasting two turkey breasts, with herbs lovingly (well, attentively) spread under the skin?  Today I made a list of all the things we needed for Thanksgiving, and the three of us went to the grocery store.  Things were going well until Jimmy noticed that we could buy a 20 LB whole turkey for $9 after discounts vs the two 6 LB breasts for $13.  As we pondered the $4 difference, our feelings ranged from disbelief to panic to disbelief to calculation to panic to acceptance to consideration to nonchalance to excitement to determination.

We bought a 20 LB whole turkey for $9. It’s sitting in our refrigerator.  We’re slightly back to feeling panicked because we’ve never cooked an entire turkey before, but surely it cannot be that much different from roasting turkey breasts, right?  We’ll see.  We’ll know for sure on Thursday.


So big it’s almost frightening (that’s what she said)

We had a good day.  It started off a bit roughly as Daniel and I had an impromptu, unintended tug-of-war with the French doors in the master bathroom, and he ended up with a black eye.  I feel like flagellating myself like the weird albino priest in Angels and Demons every time I see his face.

Jimmy let Daniel wear his hat, and there is nothing cuter and more inappropriate than a 3-year-old wearing a Macallan’s hat.

macallan's hat

Shiner, Macallan’s hat and dinner. Tough guy

Daniel received a card from his grandma today, and he was all ears as Jimmy read it to him.

Thanksgiving card

Afterward, they called grandma to thank her.  I stifled laughter as Daniel told his grandmother that he saw “gra-l-ola bars and baby marshmallows and salad” at the grocery store.

cell-phone call to grandma

Tomorrow we start deep cleaning for Thanksgiving.  We still have a few reminders of Halloween to remove, like the decomposing jack-o-lanterns on the porch.  I feel a tad embarrassed, but it’s also interesting to see their carved mouths collapse inward on themselves.  I sort of want to buy them some fake teeth to prop up their lips.

Please reassure me that cooking a whole turkey is no big deal.  I’m confronted by the monstrous bird every time I open the refrigerator.

How was your Saturday?

Boring Saturday

I had planned to write something profound today but alas, profundity escapes me. We had a weird Friday in which Daniel fell asleep on the way home but was restless during the night, which woke us up several times, so we are in the odd situation of having gotten good sleep technically but fragmented sleep overall. Also known as engendering little sympathy.

Today we had hair cuts and the grocery store plus an early night for Daniel due to a very abbreviated nap. As a result, it’s now barely after 8. We’ve eaten dinner & are discussing Christmas presents, but we are tired. It’s pathetic, but I would love nothing more than to go to bed soon. I’m exhausted.

I’m old. Or becoming that way.

Happily, our groceries for Thanksgiving are in the refrigerator. I love seeing a full refrigerator and love cooking for my family. It will be fun, and each year provides us an opportunity to create a new memory or a new tradition.

I hope your Saturday went well!