A Thanksgiving Poem

I apologize in advance for any sensibilities I offend with poor meter and sketchy rhymes.

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving
And after prepping my home
My poor, tired brain
Was as substantial as foam

The turkeys were thawed,
Awaiting the morrow’s toil
Not expecting the violation
Of garlic, herbs and oil

The toilets had been scrubbed
within an inch of their lives
While I shuddered, aghast
At how any of us survived

The veggies were chopped
The tablecloth was clean
The cats were on edge:
What did the activity mean?

The DVR was set
To record Lady Gaga
My tiny sous chef ready
To help daddy and mama

The cat hair was swept
The wine ready to pour
After a hellish trip
To the grocery store

I think we are ready
I hope you are too
To eat and give thanks
Happy Thanksgiving to you!