Diving Into Type A

We recently interviewed for an open position on my team at work. One of the questions we asked was on misperceptions people have about you. I offered an example about myself that people tend to think I’m aloof when they meet me. My coworkers agreed almost immediately.

Tomorrow I leave freaking early to drive to Charlotte for Type A Parent Conference, my first bloggy conference. I’m not nervous about the conference per se; after all, I’m no stranger to conferences this year (especially those in Orlando).

I’m really excited about the conference because it will be the first conference on bloggy & social media topics I’ve attended as well as not being a work conference. I’m also really excited to meet some awesome bloggers who I know only online as well as hang out and get to know better those I’ve met already.

I’m a little nervous about all the women that will be there. I’m not immediately a joiner, so my introverted self will be forced to step up and meet people. Be outgoing for heaven’s sake. Thankfully several local bloggers I have met will be attending, but I can’t depend on them. I need to be sociable.

I also bought business cards for the conference. I feel ridiculous about it, but I concede a card with your pertinent info makes sense. I debated whether I needed them but concluded that it made sense. However, I feel like a silly fraud: I have a wordpress blog & can’t commit to a domain. Why in the world do i need cards? It’s laughable surely. Yeah… I’m having some existential crises over the blog and what my goals are. I’ve decided I’m going to think of the cards as calling cards.

I’m also anxious about my clothes. I know that this conference is casual, and I’ve been advised to put comfort over fashion. I appreciate that. I do. The problem is that I have no clothes. Thanks to my clothes being in storage, I have very few outfits & very, very few casual outfits (a look I’ve never done well).

So. If you are attending Type A and see a tall redhead wearing Kohls’ entire summer collection, please don’t judge. Also, I am a little snarky when first meeting people. It’s a defense mechanism. Please don’t unfollow because you think i’m a bitter, cynical shrew! And yeah, I know the healing blister on my right palm looks like a stigmata, but it’s not.

Type A, here I come!