daylight savings

Sunday Wistfulness

Here it is Sunday night.  The clock says 8:30 PM, but my body tells me with greater authority that it is 9:30 PM darn it!   Our first day dealing with the time change was mostly uneventful.  I habitually wake up at 5 AM (not something I like), but this morning it was 4 AM.  The cats wanted to eat earlier and let us know it, but our kitties will use any excuse to eat as soon as possible.  Daniel woke up at a reasonable time, which really is all that matters since we have been practically been doing calculus to figure out how to handle the time change with the minimum amount of disruption to our routine.  Isn’t it funny how something like a time change has morphed from minor annoyance (oops, I showed up to work early!) to a major obstacle? Ah, parenthood.

My major complaint with the weekend is how short it felt.  If we can legislate when we turn our clocks back, why can’t we legislate that weekends need to be long enough for you to a) actually enjoy them b) get some rest and c) accomplish even a fraction of what you need to accomplish?

Jimmy and I both feel like we lost more than an hour today; we lost the entire day.  Jimmy has been suffering from a Frankencold (partly sinus, partly congestion) all week that makes him sleepy, yet prevents him from getting sleep.  As I did last Sunday, I awoke with a migraine.  The migraine itself is brutal enough, but once it’s over, I feel like my brain has been scooped out.  I’m weak.  I can’t find words (I called an onion an orange).  It’s like being hungover.  And to have two in a week sucks.  I don’t know if it’s the weather or stress or what, but they are amazingly debilitating.

And I medicate them with caffeine.  I don’t know if any of you suffer from migraines, but medication doesn’t work (maybe some good drugs would, but I don’t have any), so if I can’t sleep it off, then the next best thing is caffeine.  I drank a lot of coffee this morning.  The only problem with the coffee (other than non-stop peeing) is the jitters.  Happily, the jitters left me with so much excess energy that I swept the entire house.  Sweeping and laundry (washed and dried but not folded!) is the sum of our accomplishments this weekend.

That’s OK, though.  What’s important is the great weekend we had with Daniel.  He amazes us every day with his sweetness, his thoughts, his sense of humor and whatever catches his fancy.

When we went outside this morning, Daniel thought my flowers could be put to better use by decorating the jack-o-lanterns on the porch.

The artist at work

The artist at work

Beautified Pumpkin Family

Later on, he found a wreath-making kit I had intended for a craft for us to do and decided he would rather play with the leaves than make wreaths.

We all love Fall in our house

It turns out that trains like to travel through leaves as well.

The Island of Sodor in Fall?

Our littlest cat Lucy has discovered that the smallest human in the house is very aware of her, and they are fascinated with each other.  Today she had us in hysterics when she shoe-horned herself into one of Daniel’s shoe boxes that he was using for leaf storage.

They love each other

Tomorrow it is back to work and what will undoubtedly be a stressful week.  I’ll think back to the weekend and the giggles and cuddles shared with my wee family and hopefully that will insulate me from any sturm and drang. And hopefully the next weekend will come swiftly.