First Cold, First Tooth!

Poor worn out, sick, teething little man

November has been an exciting month in our household. Daniel was baptized on November 8 and then on the following Tuesday, the three of came down with colds AND as if that weren’t exciting enough, Daniel cut his first tooth during that same time!

Our colds came on very quickly. Mine was mostly in my head; J’s was mostly throat-related. Daniel’s was congestion. I have never seen so much snot in my entire life. The teething made everything worse, and I honestly think it bothered him more than the actual cold did. Tuesday night he was crying inconsolably and when I stuck my finger in his mouth, I was shocked to feel a tooth! Poor baby couldn’t sleep and baby Tylenol helped only a little bit. Wednesday morning the three of us were in the kitchen at 3am, and I decided right then that I was calling in sick. At that point I couldn’t have told you whether I was more exhausted or more sick.

Lo how the mighty have fallen. In the past I have rarely gotten sick, sick enough to need a sick day. I prided myself on what I was sure was a superior immune system LOL. It may still be, but the energy required to take care of a tiny boy has certainly breached it a bit! I’ll just chalk it up to one more thing that has changed since Daniel has joined us. Note to self: get more sleep and take some vitamins.

Our colds have passed, thankfully. J and I felt last week like we were getting them again, but so far, so good. Daniel’s congestion and prolific amounts of snot lasted for over a week. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday just to make sure he didn’t have anything more serious than a cold, and he doesn’t. My big boy now weighs 15lb, 13oz! We’ve all done a lot better since we set up a humidifier.

Thankfully, the worst of the teething appears to have passed for now as well. I hope he feels better. He still drools quite a bit, but he isn’t having the non-stop crying spells that he had two weeks ago. Hopefully subsequent teeth will come in a bit more calmly.

J, Grandma P and I all obtained the H1N1 vaccine since we are in one of the priority groups. J and I originally planned not to give the vaccine to D, but we are rethinking that now. It’s a bit of a moot point for now since he can’t get it until Dec. 2 at the earliest anyway. We’ll talk to his pediatrician at his 6-month appointment.

Fingers crossed we have no more brushes will colds this season. Nothing could be more enjoyable than torturing your baby with the nasal aspirator! And as I write this, I think I see another tooth about to come in. Here we go again!