Unexpected Sick Day

sick preschooler

Sweet Boy resting

Today did not go at all like I thought it would. I had prepared to give a somewhat engaging presentation (culminating in doughnuts for bribery) on what I do at work for Daniel’s class, expecting that I would be at work by 9 and at my favorite Pho dealer by 11:30 to quench the craving I had based on watching too many episodes of No Reservations. Instead, I spent the day at home.

I was making coffee and getting breakfast together this morning when I heard Jimmy yell, “KEANNE! Get in here!” I ran in to find that Daniel had thrown up a bit on my side of the bed (always the favorite for cats and kids alike) and was bent over the toilet coughing. OK, one incident of throwing up when he had been coughing earlier that morning was not reason to panic or change plans. He threw up again about 10 minutes later. OK, it is practically clear; again, maybe it is mucous.

I was determined to keep to our routine because I am mission-oriented in the morning, so I thought happy thoughts, and we bundled Daniel into the car and we set off. About 5 minutes later, he threw up all over himself, and I turned around, asking Jimmy to email his teacher.

Our poor, sweet boy looked pale and lethargic, yet tried to play. About every 30 minutes, he threw up until around lunchtime when whatever was agitating his tummy left and he was ravenous.  We kept meals very light and thankfully, everything stayed down.  I knew he was feeling better when he refused to attempt to nap at quiet time and instead played “quietly” in his room. Oy.

Sometimes I stress about missing work, but today, I was OK about it. I had been talking with coworkers yesterday about how we were ready for the holidays and here I was barely into the working week and already needing a sick day to take care of a sick child when I was going to be out the rest of the week at a local conference and out on Friday because of a teacher workday. And I regretted not a moment. Yes, I answered the occasional email that needed my attention, but for the most part, I was off the grid. I was thinking of items to tempt a delicate palate (yes, we did go through half a pack of applesauce). We watched a billion episodes of No Reservations because Daniel asked to watch “Anthony Bourdain” and how can we refuse such quality television?

Most of all, we thought of today as an extension of our weekend.  I washed more laundry, did dishes and straightened up, but the pace felt slower and more manageable than during the weekend when there is so much pressure to get everything done ASAP.  It was pleasant being able to do those tasks at my leisure (who am I?).

We cuddled. We did chores. We watched a billion episodes of No Reservations. We cleaned dry erase marker off of Daniel because it amused him to draw on himself.

Sometimes, you get what you need, even if it is not what you want or expected.

Sunday, Sunday…So Good to Me

I’m not a big fan of Sundays because they are usually, hands down, my busiest day of the week. Grocery shopping, getting Daniel’s lunches and snacks ready for the week, preparing his uniforms and hopefully preparing a multi-day meal of some sort that will see us through any “what are we having for dinner” angst that might crop up.  It’s a busy day and that doesn’t even include if we get wild hairs and decide to clean, do yard work or straighten up.  After all, chances are good that there is a basket of laundry to put away. Always a basket of laundry to put away.

Today was no different except that I decided to go the extra mile and sweep the house and put all the laundry away.  Jimmy did yard work.  I was honestly dreading the late afternoon/early evening because I was certain the adults would be exhausted and the 4-year-old would be as well because he had been awake since 6 AM and no longer naps.

But I was surprised. Yes, we were all tired, but we headed back outside to enjoy the late afternoon sun.  It was a truly beautiful Autumn day in Raleigh – not a cloud in the vivid blue sky, the temperature a perfect 60 degrees and everything looked like it had been diffused through a soft gold filter. Daniel ran around, picking up leaves in his dump truck and then ran up the slide into his clubhouse. He was in heaven. It was a joy to watch him and a reminder that we had longed for so very long to see a wee one run through our expansive back yard, purchased for such a reason.

When we went inside, Daniel requested to watch a No Reservations (my burgeoning foodie!), and he colored while Jimmy and I watched and chopped, preparing for the week ahead. The sky dimmed, and it was truly a moment of calm I had not expected. It rejuvenated me while I chopped melon and berries for snacks and lunch.

And now he’s been tucked in and is hopefully drifting off to dreamland and sweet dreams of starfish and wooly worms. Daniel is such a good boy, and he has been working so hard on his behavior chart and doing what we ask and expect of him.  He is still sassy, but the tantrums of a month ago seem to have dissipated. He’s a good, sweet boy. He slams into us to give us hugs and kisses. His joy is everything.

I didn’t expect today to be a great day, but it was.  I know that every minute and hour means he is growing up and away, so I am grateful that we had our perfect hours this afternoon and our hugs and kisses and sweet mood tonight. One day he won’t want us to tuck him in and sing songs. He won’t want his billion cuddly starfish or his Toy Story pajamas. I’ll remind myself of that every night when I’m tired and worn out and ready for bedtime.  I’ll give him one more kiss and a huge bear hug and store up each moment for my memory bank.

Week in My Life 2012: The Weekend

My little family really needed a calm, quiet weekend after the past few super-busy weeks, and I think we achieved that even if Sunday threw us a curve ball.


Saturday was hair cut day.  Daniel’s hair grows really quickly and even though he had a hair cut a few weeks before, he  needed another.  Happily, our stylist was able to fit him in.  Jimmy was going to take him, giving me some time at home by myself.

Pre-hair cut. Note the long bangs. Yes, that’s a Halloween shirt.

After the hair cut and a few lollipops later (if you ask Daniel, he equates hair cuts with lollipops), Jimmy took him to the bounce house down the road.  Unfortunately, every other family had the same idea, and it was packed.  After about 30 minutes, Jimmy decided it was unsafe for Daniel with so many big kids running around unchaperoned and brought him home.

Fun at the bounce house

I had intended to plant flowers, so once they returned, I headed outside to admire the gray, blustery day (thank you, Frankenstorm Sandy!) and pot pansies.

View from my front porch

I even achieved a little seasonal festiveness in time for Halloween.

Just like Martha Stewart amiright?

Daniel enjoyed the gray day too, watching the squirrels run and leaves swirl.

Daniel is really into his trains right now, but we asked him if he wanted to color and he said yes.  I’m amazed at what he can create with his crayons.  When I asked him what the big scribbles were on the right side of his paper, he said, “A big storm.”  Wow.

Petite Picasso? Pollock?

I am not arts & craftsy by any means, but before dinner, we attempted to decorate a pumpkin.

Masterpiece, n’est-ce pas?

Daniel had dragged in his “baby chair” as he calls it from his room and while we were decorating his pumpkin, Lucy decided to observe us more comfortably.  I don’t call her Diva Cat for nothing!


Sunday was supposed to be quiet, yet purposeful.  I woke up with a migraine, though, and it rendered me useless for most of the morning.  Jimmy hadn’t slept much at all and had a scratchy throat (joy!), so I let him sleep and treated the migraine with lots of caffeine and water.  Daniel was a trooper and played quietly.  I may have let him watch 2 movies back-to-back. I blame Hurricane Sandy for all of this.

J’ai mal a la tete

Daniel was distracted from his breakfast by Lucy who decided to lurk at his feet in case he dropped anything edible.

A boy and his kitty cat

Daniel loves pumpkin muffins for breakfast, and I had promised him we would make some, so once my headache retreated, we did. He helped by adding the eggs, water, oil, pumpkin and spices.

Does a watched muffin bake?

Then it was time to prep the pumpkins for carving.  Daniel was extremely excited to see Jimmy cut out the tops.

Then it was time for me to scoop out the pumpkin guts.  This task falls to me every year.  I don’t really mind it, but OMG it is gross.  I can’t help but grimace while doing it because the pumpkin coats my hands and dries.  Ewwwww.  Another year with my arm elbow-deep in pumpkin guts!

While I was having quality time with the business end of two pumpkins, Jimmy and Daniel were looking at pictures of family and kitty cats.

We all wanted to nap (at least Jimmy and I did), but I was the only one who did (blame the migraine hangover).  Daniel was wild and bouncing off the walls post “nap.”  We fed him, read stories and got him into bed as soon as possible and within a few minutes, he was sleeping soundly.  Yay!

Then it was time to tackle the Sunday chore of making Daniel’s lunches for Monday-Wednesday.

And with that, I end the Week in My Life series.  I’ve enjoyed it a lot, and it’s been fun to document the various aspects of a week.  It’s been interesting to compare this year to last year as well.  Some things are the same, but there is a lot that is different. This is one of my favorite times of year, and I’ve enjoyed capturing it.  Thanks for reading along!