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Phoning It In

This post, my friends, is phoned in because I am wiped from Thanksgiving. Plus, in our cleaning frenzy, we moved our laptops upstairs, so I’m typing on my iPad, which is OK but not great for posting.

We had a great Thanksgiving. I think it was one of the best meals we’ve made, and I am THRILLED we have days of leftovers.

Mr. Twenty-Pound Turkey came out beautifully, and I was so proud of us for cooking a whole turkey. And, as all of you told me, it wasn’t a big deal at all cooking a whole turkey vs a breast.

I did get a shower, but my hair was still wet when the in-laws arrived. We hadn’t had a chance to change Daniel out of his flannel Thomas pajamas and no one saw the point of doing so, so he ate dinner in his PJs. Smart boy. I wish I had done the same!

It’s always funny that you spend so long cleaning and cooking for a meal that lasts around an hour. Three hours after arriving, our guests were gone. Jimmy and I cleaned up while Daniel watched a movie in the living room in reward for his awesome behavior. The best part? Collapsing into bed with a completely clean kitchen. Ahhhhh!!!

We spent today quietly. After standing all day yesterday, my knees ached. Oh, I forgot to mention that Daniel developed the tell-tale barking cough of croup last night. Only days after he finished the antibiotic for bronchitis! Since it was warm today, we played outside for a bit, but he had a nice, warm bath and quality time in his PJs.

We put up our tree today. It’s a new one because our previous one died. It’s 9ft tall and massive, but it looks great. I can’t wait to decorate it. Daniel loves it and keeps running into the living room to stare at it. I used to despise decorating for Christmas before December, but in the last few years, I’ve grudgingly come around to doing it after Thanksgiving because life gets so busy that it seems like it’s right after Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve. Hey, at least I’m not like some of my neighbors who decorated right after Halloween! Seriously.

I downloaded a new book. We have lots of good food to eat. Jimmy and I have started watching The Tudors from the beginning (I know it’s historically inaccurate, but the spirit of the show is right).

I’ll leave you with Daniel’s favorite video from YouTube. He asks for it like this: “I want to watch kitty cats that look-kind of sound like a Bitty Boo again.” Translated: there is a video of cats who look and sound like our three cats, and it cracks him up to watch them.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you go shopping today?