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Capture the Everyday: Lucky & Thankful

I had ambitions of doing two posts today, one on the NaBloPoMo prompt on “What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you and why” as well as a separate post participating in Adventuroo’s Capture the Everyday meme. It turns out my productivity does not match my ambition. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that both posts could fit in one post. Stay with me here.


When I was a senior in high school, I applied for and received a Teaching Fellows scholarship. The now-defunct program (thanks to the bozos in the General Assembly) gave college scholarships to students who would be willing to teach for 4 years in the NC public school system. The scholarships were redeemable at all of the public universities and one private college.

For some reason, I always wanted to attend UNC Chapel Hill. I think it was because it was the paternal side of my family’s favorite college team. As I was going through the Teaching Fellows process, I had to indicate my top college choice and secondary and tertiary choices. You could get into the university of your choosing, but you wouldn’t be able to use your Teaching Fellows scholarship unless they had a place for you. Unsurprisingly, NC State and UNC Chapel Hill had a lot of applicants for not enough spaces. I put down UNC Chapel Hill as my top choice and then faltered. Where did I want to go next? I ended up putting Meredith College in Raleigh as my second choice because I had heard good things about it, my mother talked it up, and since they were private, they matched the Teaching Fellows funds so that it was pretty much a full scholarship. UNCG was my third choice.

I was accepted at UNC Chapel Hill but did not receive a Teaching Fellows slot, so I quickly turned to my second choice, Meredith, which had accepted me into the school and the Teaching Fellows program. I turned UNC down and made plans to attend Meredith.

And it was the best decision of my life. Even though my first glimpse of Meredith was on the day I moved in, I loved it. Granted, I didn’t always love the sorority-esque feel and activities (Cornhuskin’!!!!), but I loved the campus, I loved my classes, and I loved the people I met there. I ended up majoring in English (quite a change for the student who planned to major in psychology and become a therapist one day). I continued my long-time participation in theater by being in plays. Though some of my friends who attended Chapel Hill and professors at NC State were dismissive and condescending about the school, Meredith was awesome. I met one of my best friends there. Attending college there laid the foundation for my future (no, I never taught). Most importantly, I met J there during a “Boy Day,” one of the few times boys were allowed in your rooms. We were married in the chapel almost 10 years ago.


I am so incredibly thankful that I was not given a spot in the Teaching Fellows program at UNC Chapel Hill. I don’t think I would have been happy there, and while my relationship with organized religion is somewhat sketchy and nebulous, I truly believe that some higher power was looking out for me. Meredith was perfect for me.

It is tempting to ponder whether one decision sends you down a wildly different course than another decision would (roads not taken and all that), but I don’t want to think what my present would be like if I hadn’t attended Meredith. If I hadn’t attended Meredith, I may not have this:

Story time!

My sweet boy

And for that, I am truly thankful.

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Capture the Everyday: Sign of Fall

The leaves may have begun to change dramatically only in the last few weeks, but in our house, Fall begins as soon as we see this in the grocery store:

Pumpkin spice coffee

Yes, there are 5 bags of pumpkin spice coffee in my freezer, and we’ve probably gone through 4 or 5 bags already.  We stalk it.  Usually we find the Millstone brand at Kroger but were only able to find a few bags early in the season this year.  Walmart used to carry it, but we didn’t see it this year.  However, I did find the Dunkin brand of pumpkin spice there, and it’s pretty good.  It seems to have more cinnamon than the Millstone.  I bought two bags and then bought 3 more.  In years past, we’ve bought ridiculous amounts and hoarded it in the freezer, even grinding some for our espresso machine.  Mmmmm pumpkin spice lattes!

We may not finish our stock of pumpkin spice before it’s time to turn to peppermint (we already have one bag in the freezer), but we’ll tuck it deep in the freezer so it will be there for us next year to tide us over until we can find a new stash.

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Capture the Everyday: Something I Collect

I’m trying to build a village.  A miniature village that is.  I started collecting Lemax buildings and figures a few years ago.  Perhaps not surprisingly, given my love for Halloween, I have several pieces from the Spookytown collection, but I also collect Christmas pieces.


I started collecting the Christmas pieces because I like the nostalgia they evoke.  I loved the Department 56 collections that I would see in the mall, but by the time I finally had the space and the money to start my collection, I didn’t like their themes. I bought my Christmas piece in 2003 and my first Halloween one in 2005.

Halloween fair and pumpkin patch

I’m fairly choosy about what piece I buy for each collection.  I try to buy a new piece every year, but sometimes time gets away from me or I don’t see anything I like.

Christmas collection...only a few more weeks until they come out!

Right now I display them simply.  I don’t have an elaborate village scene set up or even have them plugged in.  I’ll get there one day.

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Capture the Everyday: Halloween Closeup

Halloween seemed to have more tricks than treats yesterday, but we still had a good time!  And most importantly, Daniel had fun despite the rain and enjoyed his very first Kit Kat.  I think I have a chocolate fiend on my hands!

Without further ado, I present my Very Hungry Caterpillar!

very hungry caterpillar, halloween

A little blurry but cute

I love how his antennae(?) dominate the picture when he bends down.

Very Hungry Caterpillar, Halloween

Top heavy!


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