Rambling About Coupling

Last night we hooked up the most adorable piece of equipment I’ve ever seen: the Roku.  It is adorable!  So tiny and cute and precious.  It needs a name.  We’re a family that names and nicknames everything: children, cats, cars, dishwashers, everything.  It should be called something like “Tiny” or “Sweet Pea” or “Cutie Pie” or “My Preciousssss.”

All of that is a long way of saying that we are now a family sans cable.  Jimmy worked from home today, so I didn’t have the terror of coming home and not knowing how to access programming, but that day is coming.  Probably tomorrow.  Tonight, it took us a few minutes to decide what to watch on Amazon Streaming, but we decided on season 2 of Coupling.

Oh, Coupling.  What a great show.  We caught episodes on BBC America several years ago, and for Christmas one year, I bought Jimmy the complete series.  If you’ve never seen the series, I urge you to right away.  Coupling ran from 2000-2004 and is about a group of friends a la Friends only much, much funnier and raunchier.  If you can watch only one episode, I urge you to watch “Lesbian Spank Inferno.”  Every time we see it (and we’re watching it as I type this), we are on the ground laughing

Most of the cast is unknown to American audiences, but two of them stand out.  Steve, the lead, is played by Jack Davenport.  If you’ve seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, then you have seen him as Norrington.  You can also see him in Smash. Jane, Steve’s wacky ex, is played by Gina Bellman who currently stars in Leverage on TNT.


Tonight is the next Powerball drawing.  I’ve antied up at work for a ticket pool and Jimmy has as well.  I would love to win $500 million.  I have no illusions about its likelihood, but it is fun to imagine how we would spend it.  Do you do that?  Do you ever think about what you would do if you suddenly had millions of dollars?  The funny thing is that when I was a child, $1 million seemed like a lot of money.  Now, however, $1 million would not be enough to majorly impact our lifestyle  No, I wouldn’t turn down a cool million if it were offered to me (not in any kind of Demi Moore, Indecent Proposal kind of terms although that might be wishful thinking on my part), but after taxes, you’d probably have $500K left.  I’d probably put it in the bank and let it grow.  And that’s your lottery advice from me tonight.


I’ve been adding a lot of books to my Amazon wish list.  My wish list functions as an online Post It note for me.  It’s where I add things I want to remember like books for me or books or toys for Daniel.  I’m thinking about starting Far From the Tree next.  Have any of you heard about it or started to read it?  There have been several books I’ve had to ignore because I can’t read them due to the fact I’m a parent now.  Books like Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio that is about a 3 year old named Daniel who disappears one day while his mother is at work.  Sure, it’s set in the 30s but no,no, no, no, no!

OK, that’s enough babbling.  I can’t believe there are only a couple days left in November.  How is your holiday decorating going?  How do you stay centered during the insanity that is December?

Billie Jean, BBC and Surrogacy

I always keep an eye out for surrogacy in the news. It is usually with a fair amount of trepidation since media coverage is often not what I would hope and generally focused on the more sensational aspects. I set up a Google news alert about a year ago, and it has become part of my morning ritual to check our the stories listed.

For the past two weeks, my surrogacy news alert–just like every news alert–has been filled with items on Michael Jackson and his kids. You see, I had forgotten that one of his children (Blanket) was born via surrogacy; you could make a case that the older two were as well based on the arrangements with Debbie Rowe. But anyway, one child at least.

I groaned when I realized the connection to surrogacy, especially since there are now some legal questions involved about his official relationship to the children. This situation is perfect and crazy enough for the media to sink its teeth into. And frankly, I don’t want Michael Jackson to be the face of surrogacy. I don’t want the spotlight on his life to include surrogacy and color perceptions just as I don’t want the OctoMom to be the lens through which IVF is perceived and discussed. So far, the surrogacy angle hasn’t exploded, and I pray it stays that way. Maybe there is simply too much other crazy stuff about his life that surrogacy seems positively mundane.

It is frustrating, though, that the focus can’t be on normal people simply wanting to build a family. Celebrities have that right too, but they often seem to do more harm than good due to their fame. Poor Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate’s life was turned into a circus with the local police implicated in breaking into her home. Absurd!

Speaking of nice, normal people…If you are free on Sunday night, BBC America is airing a show called “Addicted to Surrogacy” about four British surrogates and their pregnancies and lives. I think they each have done at least 7 or 8 surrogacies. Oy vey. When I wished for coverage of normal people, this show wasn’t what I had in mind! BBC has an interesting, fun mix of serious journalism and sensationalism with hard-hitting shows such as “My Little Breasts and Me” and teenage male anorexics, so I expect nothing less from the surrogacy program.