Having fun in his room

The Oscars are about to start, and this may be the first time that we have seen absolutely none of the movies nominated. I’d like to put the blame at Daniel’s wee feetsies, and there were a few nominated movies I wanted to see but didn’t (Up in the Air, District 9), but J and I have been averaging maybe one movie a year the last few years. What I can lay at Daniel’s feet is the unlikelihood that I will manage to stay up to watch the entire cermemony.

I’m feeling a little disconnected from some of our pop culture traditions this year. I barely saw the Superbowl and any of the commercials. I saw only a little of the Winter Olympics (did see LOTS of curling unfortunately) because most of what I wanted to see aired after my body had forced me into bed. I had traditional shows I watch for Halloween and Christmas, but I never got around to them last year. That’s ok! It’s just…different and a little unexpected.

Daniel turned 9 months old last week, and we are wondering where our tiny baby went! He’s closer to a toddler than an infant now. He is three-quarters of a year old! As always, he is keeping us on our toes. He is a pro at crawling now and his new thing is pulling up on everything. He wants to stand as much as possible and is getting better at balancing with only one hand. I took my first steps at 9 months and I think J did too, so we expect Daniel’s first steps in the next few weeks. EEK! He has a walker and can pick up some serious speed in it. He has managed to crash into two out of three cats LOL. The kitties have been a bit slow to realize that they need to move a bit faster.

Nice stroller! Let's walk!

After what seemed like forever, three of four top teeth came in, and the fourth is imminent. Two of them are his incisors, and when D grins a certain way, he has fangs. So adorable! J and I are shocked at how BIG his top teeth are. They are like chiclets! He is babbling a ton and giggling. This weekend he started crawling to us and holding out his arms when he is upset, so I wonder if we are seeing the beginning stages of separation anxiety.

We had two big milestones today. All the stars finally aligned and the weather cooperated, so we took Daniel for a family walk this afternoon. It was his first walk in his Maclaren stroller. We had a good time. And just an hour ago, Daniel took his first big boy bath in the bath tub! He did very well and didn’t cry. I think J and I have been coddling him a bit and treating him like a younger baby than he is in some things, so I’m trying hard to make sure that we realize that he’s–gulp–growing up! Our next challenge will be letting him sit in the cart at the grocery store. Right now we either push him in the stroller or put the car seat in the cart depending on how much we need to get.

I love standing!

Food-wise Daniel is progressing well with solids. He eats carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas (sometimes), acorn squash, bananas, peaches, pears and apples. I’m trying to get him to eat some protein in the form of chicken, but that hasn’t been going overly well. I’ve also been trying to add more texture to his foods by mashing instead of pureeing them, and Daniel hasn’t been too thrilled with that. But it’s necessary, and he’ll get used to it! Interestingly, he is not a fan of mashed potatoes. He has had a bit of cottage cheese, and I think I discovered today that he likes plain yogurt. We’ll get there. I’m still making his food myself and find myself constantly searching for yummy baby food recipes.

I have been missing having time for reading. I typically have time to read after about 9pm but by that time, I am exhausted and just want to veg. I recently discovered audio books, though, and am a little embarrassed that it has taken me so long to do so. I finished one and am halfway through my second one. I spend about an hour in the car each day, so I can make a good bit of progress. Listening to a book vs. reading takes a different set of skills, so I find I have to focus more. But I’m pleased I have the option and the local library system just unveiled audio book downloads, so that’s great, especially since they are expensive to buy. Daniel is a very good traveler in the morning and usually a good one in the afternoon, so I appreciate his cooperation in letting me listen!

Daniel is just a joy. The past 9 months have flown by. We really have enjoyed every stage with him, but he has so much personality now! He is such a sweetie. Sooooo much energy, but it melts my heart to see him take so much joy in his world. My little strawberry blonde baby! He wears us out, but we love every minute.