Third Beta

Even though we technically started cycling in August (I started stims in late August, but F had been on her part of the regimen since early August), I will forever associate September with our cycle because it consumed the entire month and all the important parts of the cycle happened in September.  While September ended well with the news of our positive beta, it was nice to start a new month, October, with good news.

I heard from the clinic mid-afternoon on October 1 that our third beta came back at 1892.  It had increased more than 150% since Monday.  We had passed another hurdle and now had to wait 4 long weeks for our first ultrasound.

We Have Doubling!

I greeted Monday, September 29 with a mix of anticipation and dread.  Anticipation because we would have another beta today and hopefully it would be a great  number.  Dread because it would tell us it things were going in the right direction or if we were in store for more worry and possible grief.

I had decided to stay home for my mental health that day which was a good and bad idea.  I didn’t hear from the clinic until mid-afternoon, but the news was worth the wait:  beta was in the 700s!  It was a good number.  It had more than doubled.  I exhaled a tiny bit and felt the anxiety begin to build for Wednesday and our likely final beta.