I turned 43 on September 9. We are all (the three of us and our kitties) still quarantining from home or whatever we are calling it now. It…has had its moments (I have many thoughts about virtual school).

I’m in the process of reading Michael Cohen’s book Disloyal. It is pretty much what I expected & both he & Trump are horrible people (although Trump is far more terrible).

I have been absent from this space for too long, but I want to return and I have a LOT to say!

If I still have any readers, thank you.


    1. Oh, and Happy birthday here as well, you spring chick! I’ll turn 45 this year. I’ve been saying I’m 45 entire year, so practically I missed being 44 because of it, and I’ll get to be 45 for two years now. 🤷‍♀️

Please Talk to Me: My Husband Can Tell When I Haven't Had Any Conversation All Day

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