Infertility Never Goes Away

When I read infertility articles, I goggle a bit because these are current POVs & experiences whereas mine are both technically current (endo & congenital issues don’t disappear) and in the past because we know our issues and with an almost 10-year-old, we have made peace with our family.

But yeah. Infertility never goes away- at least to me.  This article came to my attention this week and while the particulars are different, everything else is sooooo familiar.

I’m 41- almost 42 – years old and I suspect I will always find articles like this to be familiar. It’s a sisterhood, a club, without formal admission requirements or meetings (or even desire to join). Just pain. It isn’t omnipresent like is was before D was born but it is still there, lingering. I almost wrote “hiding”, but that isn’t true. I don’t want to hide this pain. That does a disservice to the experience.

I have a child, yet I still hurt. I will always hurt even if it is compartmentalized.

Is there a flag for “Infertility is Forever!”? Ha.

So, i’m trying to publish this from my phone, so things aren’t working 100%. This is the article I referenced: Infertility article


  1. The problem of infertility has always been very acute for me. After the accident as a child, I can’t have children. Therefore, our family considered surrogacy as a way to defeat infertility.
    I was treated at the Feskov Human Reproduction Group in Kharkov last year, so I know the truth. Our child was born thanks to the thanks to the Dr. Fescov’s clinic. After the accident in childhood, I can not bear and give birth to a child. Therefore, we were looking for a clinic that can pick us up a good surrogate mother. They have on the site described in detail the cost and stages of the procedure. Prices for surrogacy are affordable. When we arrived, we were accommodated in a cozy hotel, food was also good. Doctors at the clinic are very attentive and friendly. Our mood was very purposeful. As a result, our Tiny boy is already 5 months! There was no problem with the paperwork or leaving the country. So, if you strive and look for an opportunity, you’ll always find it! I wish everyone good luck and healthy kids!

  2. I started my surrogacy trip 1 year ago and I faced hundreds of clinics. Сorrect me if I’m wrong, but I adhere to the idea that it is better to go to clinics in Europe. Moreover, Ukraine is famous now for its success rates in this area. I’m currently considering VittoriaVita ( ), because I conducted a comparison and talked with other clinics, but eventually settled on them. So if someone knows something or maybe someone has already used the services of this company, I will be grateful for your feedback!

    1. For those who are looking for surrogacy in Ukraine, as I did, there is a good clinic:
      My daughter was born thanks to a surrogate mother we found at the Feskov Human Reproduction Group. We liked our acquaintance with her very much, there is a wide choice of surrogate mothers, all proven and healthy, both physically and mentally. In addition, the price is very good and there are no problems with traveling home and documents.

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