#MicroblogMondays: ISO Holiday Spirit


It is 6 days before Christmas, and I am in dire need of Christmas spirit. Our tree is up, but that’s about it due to the wiring/fiber project and frankly, scope creep.  I’m off work for the rest of the year, and there is plenty to do, but I can’t find my motivation.  It’s been a year. Between health issues, work issues and more work issues, kitty cat issues, 7-year-olds going on 13 issues, and the election, we – the adults in the house – just want to hibernate until…until when? When things are better?

It’s a year for things to be up-ended, even our holiday celebrations.  Jimmy and his brother both starting new jobs means less vacation time, so we had his family’s Christmas celebration on Sunday when we usually have it after Christmas.  Instead of spending the day after Christmas baking goodies, I made only two small batches on Saturday since they are flying back to NJ instead of driving. We will have Christmas with my family later this week and then actual Christmas at home and then we’ll be done.  It isn’t bad; it’s just different. Everything feels different this year.

It’s been quite a year.

But we will muddle through as my favorite melancholy Christmas song suggests. We have an excited little boy who is counting down to Santa – maybe one of the last years for Santa in our house – and two Advent calendars to maintain. Cookies to bake for Santa and for us.  We introduced him to the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies recently, and it is so special to watch his wonder as he discovers those worlds.

So maybe the wooden Advent calendar is underneath the stairs and there is a TV in our fireplace. So maybe one strand of my carefully-checked lights on the bushes outside stubbornly refuses to work. So maybe the $1.39 lights for the windows I bought refuse to work consistently (thanks, China!). So maybe I’ve already watched Christmas Vacation three times. So maybe my Christmas cards still aren’t done despite actually having a formal family portrait this year.  So maybe I prefer to read Trixie Belden fan fiction instead of engaging with the news because reality is too much.

It is what it is. And maybe, just maybe, Christmas spirit will find me.


This may represent the entirety of our decorations this year.



  1. Sometimes I think it’s all too much pressure: mustering cheer because the calendar demands. Let it go, I say, and feel what you feel.

  2. Our christmas will be different this year also. I’m just trying to go with the flow and not stress.
    I’ll get a tree next year. Who knows if we’ll decorate it though. I managed an advent calendar this year and some small decorations, that’s good enough. Baking still needs to be done though. But I enjoy that.

  3. I agree with A, try to let it go, and maybe the cheer will find its way in spite of yourself. You really can’t force these things, no matter what the calendar says.

  4. I hope it finds you in time. I get the feeling that the Christmas spirit usually shows up in that final flurry of activity if it doesn’t show up earlier. We’ll be watching Lord of the Rings for Christmas, too 🙂

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