#MicroblogMondays: Fifteen

MicroblogMondaysToday marks my 15th anniversary at my organization.  Wow. When I started here in 2000, I was not yet 23. It was my second full-time job. 9/11 happened while I was here. I got married. I started and finished grad school. I struggled with infertility and celebrated D’s birth.

I’ve worked in 4 different groups and had 8 different supervisors.  I’ve changed positions pure IT and web development to my current role of knowledge management and market research. I’ve been a manager for 6 years. I’ve been through three re-orgs and two rounds of layoffs, 7 offices and three buildings. And a new name.

In 2000, I had no intention of staying 15 years or inkling that I would. I’ve gone from being one of the youngest employees to being one of the long-timers. Sometimes I feel silly when I tell people how long I’ve worked here – isn’t that passe now?

It has definitely had its ups and downs as any job does, but I like what I’m doing and the people I work with. Our mission still resonates for me, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Fifteen years. Turns out I can retire in 16 years, but who’s counting?


  1. I have no idea of what that is like – does being an actor for 20 years count? I keep hoping that I am going to wake up and do something else, but it hasn’t happened yet! Hope the next 16 flies by with as much success.

  2. This is my 12th year teaching at my school. People look at my like I’m crazy when I say that, I think because I too started when I was quite young (24) so I’m only 35 and yet I’ve been there a loooong time. My students especially can’t believe it, because it means I’ve been teaching there longer than they’ve been alive!

    My mother alerted me to the fact that I started teaching so young that I could retire when I’m only 55. I had never thought of that, but I guess it’s pretty sweet. Maybe that is when I should switch careers, when I have fewer financial obligations, and I don’t have to worry about losing some of my retirement benefits because I’ll already be eligible for all of them! Eek!

  3. Hi KeAnne,
    how nice to get a comment of a fellow (former) IT person. Congratulations on a nice anniversary. And so different to read that retirement age is not age dependent; in my country there are (weird) rules about having to retire at 65, but now that we are all getting older we will need to work till 67. For permanent jobs. (but who knows what the rules will be when we get there)

    1. Thanks for commenting! Well, to receive social security, I think you have to be 67. I work for the state, so I’ll have 30 years in when I’m about 55. Not saying I will retire, but it is nice to know I could!

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