#MicroblogMondays: You Never Can Tell


Several years ago – I don’t even remember when exactly – I planted bulbs for spring. The following spring, a few came up, bloomed once or twice, and then died off thanks to the over-zealous squirrels who think our yard belongs to them.  In subsequent springs, we would often have one or two bulbs that would shoot up and tease us, but never bloom and finally wither.

That was the case this year too.  We had an impressive-looking shoot that was a lovely green but no hint of any flower to come just as the year before and the year before that. When we were packing the car for the beach two weeks ago, I commented that I wondered if it would ever bloom. Jimmy said he didn’t think so, and we shrugged and left for the beach.

And we returned from the beach to find this:

Blooming flowersWe were so surprised! And of course it had to bloom while we were gone, but we were still able to enjoy it for another week.  I don’t know what made the difference this year. I know sometimes bulbs can take a while to flower. We have received a lot of rain this year too, but I don’t know if that contributed. All I know is that I had written off this plant, and it proved me wrong.


  1. Well this is just lovely! Bulbs are so picky… I’ve never gotten my irises to bloom. That purple is exquisite. Next year, it will have spread 🙂

  2. Beautiful!

    E. and I put in a lot of bulbs every fall (like two to three hundred, every year- big garden that we are just getting established). I’ve foiled the squirrels by sprinkling cayenne pepper on any bulbs that they might eat (they don’t eat daffodils or crocuses). It works really well!

  3. I remember planning tulip bulbs at our grade school entrance when I was in first or second grade. They still hadn’t bloomed when I left after 6th grade. HA!

    What a nice surprise! I got a nice surprise last spring when my lilacs finally bloomed after living in the house for 3 years without even a hint of a bloom. They bloomed this year too. I will always hold my breath though!

  4. So, you’re saying never give up hope? I’m going to take this as a message from my muse, and get back to work on rewriting my first novel. Or, should I go outside and plant the daisy seeds I’ve had sitting on my desk for forever? Wait, no – maybe it means we should go on vacation for a couple of weeks, and something will have magically “bloomed” in our absence. Dang it! Now I’ve confused myself yet again… *sigh*

    (Oh, and I enjoyed your post – thanks for sharing! *grin*)

  5. How beautiful! I love bulbs, but almost never plant them because a) the deer love tulips and treat the garden as a snack bar and b) same squirrel issue. HOWEVER, our squirrels decided to plant daffodils and tulips in my yard, so we got lucky (although the tulip is doomed). I’m glad you were proven wrong by this gorgeous gladiolus, and that you got to enjoy it! It looks almost exotic. Hooray for bulbs that survive when they shouldnt’!

  6. Pretty. I think the weather must be a contributor – this is the best my flowers have ever looked. All I know is that it isn’t my doing.

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