#MicroblogMondays: Words

Daniel loves words right now. He asks me to spell everything. And we think he’s reading. If not 100%, he’s close. Very close. That amazes me. I feel like I’ve waited 5 years for him to read, yet now that he can, I’m awed at all that it takes to be able to read.

Today Daniel and I arrived home a little early, and Jimmy was sitting outside with his laptop. Daniel was fascinated and wanted to type words. The two of them played on the laptop for a while, Daniel intent on typing sentences.

It was honestly one of the most adorable things I’ve seen and a reminder of how quickly Daniel is growing up. He looked like a natural in front of the laptop screen.




  1. This is wonderful! I used to be a volunteer reading teacher in grades 1/2, and it is mind-blowing to think of all the skills and sheer memory involved in learning to read and write. Especially considering that “rules” in English don’t make any damn sense!

    Can’t wait to see what D is into! HGB is really interested in what letter words start with right, and which words rhyme. It’s so cool.

  2. The language/reading explosions are so cool.
    Simon is really into letters and sounds right now. But doesn’t really like books or even listening to me read. I’ve no fear that he will learn to read, but I will be really sad if he doesn’t learn to love books.

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