Today Daniel, recently intrigued by numbers and addition, asked my why I was 37.

Of course the initial answer is, “because.” I don’t know why I am 37, but I assume it’s because I was born in 1977 & 2014 minus 1977 equals 37.

37. I don’t think I managed to post anything around my birthday in early September. Age 37 puts me firmly in that late 30s/approaching 40 demographic.

In a society rapidly shifting from focusing on Baby Boomers to catering to Millennials, it is easy to feel both irrelevant and old, yet young too. Sometimes it shocks me to be 37. OLD. And then I think about how I would not have been eligible to be president until 2 years ago, so clearly age equals wisdom and experience, at least in theory.

The gray in my hair is increasing. I note every one and hope they aren’t too visible. I work with a lot of young things now, which is a change since for a long time, I was the youngest by decades at work (poor Gen X!). Sometimes I feel matronly and invisible: should someone my age worry about how she looks, dresses and is perceived? Which is silly, because I’m 37!

At the same time, I think 37 suits me better than my 20s ever did. At work, I have a weight now and I find people are more inclined to listen to me. I feel more confident and able to say what I think (within reason). It’s actually expected of me. In some of the meetings I attend, I am still one of the youngest. I also know what I do and do not want out of life as well as what is reasonably possible. Jimmy and I are talking about and planning for paying off the house and retiring in our 50s because we do NOT want to have to work. Fun topics!

Do men feel this way about age? Or do they consider themselves in their late 30s as just beginning to be seasoned, with their best years still ahead? While women start to think of themselves as old and/or unattractive on many fronts.

Maybe it’s the approaching end of my theoretical childbearing years that is influencing my mindset. Not that they hadn’t been over for me for years already (always?) but from a biological perspective, 37 is not young, nubile and fertile. And we still have those 5 frozen embryos that haunt me.

37. So old, yet so young.



  1. Joining you at 37 shortly, and it also suits me personality-wise way better than my 20s but I have similar insecurities too. Plus WRINKLES AND ZITS SHOULD NOT COEXIST.

  2. My mom freaked out kind of memorably (for me, she claims not to remember it) at age 36 because of some ill-timed article claiming women could no longer absorb calcium after 36 (somehow I doubt there’s a real line in the sand there). So 37 will be a milestone for me too! Of course, this year I keep forgetting my age– it came as a shock to see it at jury duty and then I got it wrong in the other direction a few months later. Even now I have to subtract to figure it out. So maybe I’ll mentally pass right over 37.

  3. My husband hit 40 last month and although I’m not there with him yet, it was still a “Boom, we are the old people now!” moment for me. I very clearly remember my Dad’s 40th birthday… so how am I now married to someone that same age?! I am still just the daughter of a 40 year old?! Aren’t I?? Time sneaks by in a way that sometimes scares the shit out of me. Although, I do agree with you and T above, I find this age suits me best yet.. maybe it is the being a mum thing (feels like what I am meant to be doing), maybe it is where I am with work (being the boss! 😉 ), but whatever it is, I like it. Ask me again if I am still saying these things at age 50! 😉

  4. I don’t get the sense that men care much about age … or maybe they care about it differently? Some of them really do have a midlife crisis. 🙂 I turn 41 this year, and I’m feeling older. But then, I look at some older women in their 70s, and think, if I can be that amazing in 30 years, bring it on!

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