Are You Down With Me?

Being of a certain age, I listen to Lithium and the 90s channel (as well as the 80s channel) on Sirius XM every day. Daniel prefers the 80s station (good boy), but I am partial to the music of MY generation, the 90s šŸ˜‰ Yesterday, after I dropped him off, Naughty By Nature’s “OPP” came on the 90s channel. Ooofff.

First of all, I think everyone I knew in junior high (as it was called in my day) understood the song’s topic: infidelity. Yep, understood that at age 13. However, thanks to my participation on Twitter and overall increased awareness, I think of that song on an entirely different level now.

You’d think it would be the tacit infidelity that bothered me – and it does – but it isn’t the main irritant now. Now, I bristle at the perception of women. The lines:

That wasn’t the thing it must have been the way she hit the ceiling
‘Cos after that she kept on coming back and catchin’ feelings

Oh, man. That line, that shit bothers me now in a way it never did at age 13. Really? You are saying you are soooo awesome in bed that she forgets all of her morals and wants to hit it all the time? Isn’t that impressive. And unbelievable.

The truth is that you aren’t all that. No one is all that. And hearing such an overtly sexist line pisses me off. I’m not naive; I know many, many songs from a variety of genres contain similar lines. And I know the line is the equivalent of guys bragging in the locker room, a bonding tactic. But it rankles this feminist because I know on some level, it reflects their beliefs about women. And I am trying hard to raise a son who isn’t like that in a difficult, challenging world.

I want to say more, but the truth is that my husband sliced a good bit off of his thumb tonight (slicing low-carb zucchini pasta for me) and journeyed to urgent care, leaving me to hold down the fort. This feminist is worried about her man and also keeping an ear out for her little boy who is slowly slumbering. It’s been a long day. Long week.


What song has been ruined for you in adulthood?


  1. I never listened to the song closely enough to understand anything more than it being about men running after OPP. And I remember thinking that Other People Penis didn’t have quite the same ring. To be fair, a third of the song is about women doing the same thing. As to those particular lines — yeah, right Treach, whatever.

  2. Hmm, I can’t think of any songs that have been ruined by adulthood, I will have to be a bit more observant. However, I am sure there are ones that I just can’t stand anymore. šŸ™‚

  3. UGH! Welp, that song is now ruined for me! I’d truly never thought about the lyrics before. Shiiiiiiiiiiit.

    When I read the first paragraph of this in my reader a few days ago, I couldn’t wait to come and comment about re-introduced to 90s music via Songza. I’ve basically had the Empire Records soundtrack on repeat. That and The Wallflowers keep popping up…and I like it. šŸ™‚

    1. I can still mostly enjoy the song but I can’t be as pithy about it, KWIM? But 90s music rocks!! Yesterday Daniel ordered me to sing “Zombie” on the way to school šŸ™‚

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