Each night after tuck, Daniel usually calls out for us once or twice. Sometimes he wants permission to go to the bathroom despite us begging him to go before bedtime. Sometimes he has a question about what we are doing and why we are making so much noise (the joys of a one-level house!). Mostly, though, he just wants an extra cuddle, which we are thrilled to give.  Tonight when I went into his room, he asked for a cuddle and told me, “I’m going to cuddle you forever. Is that OK?”

Is that OK? YES! And then I was a puddle of KeAnne goo on the floor at his sweetness.

Daniel has been playing with the concept of forever lately, and it’s often sweet. He has started telling us recently that he is going to live with us forever and wants us all to retire (yeah, I wish!). While part of me thrills at the fact that right now, in this moment of his young life, he loves us so much that he wants to stay with us forever, I know that’s not likely. That’s not reality. I know that in a few short years, he’ll be trying to get away from us as quickly as he can and frankly, we’ll probably want the same. That’s the natural course of things.

He’s on that cusp of being a big little boy and a little big boy, and it’s oh-so-bittersweet.



  1. My daughter is showing us flashes of the big kid she is going to become and it so bittersweet. I am both excited for the next stages and trying to cling to this one. I suppose that is motherhood.

  2. What a sweet little boy you have. It is hard to think about the years ahead when our littles won’t be begging for those extras cuddles and “I love you”s which reminds me to soak them up now. I like what Noemi said above.. I am clinging to the stages my girls are at now.. but also so excited for the stages ahead, when we can play board games, go bike riding (with them on their own bikes), talk about books they’ve read, practice their lines for the school play, do science experiments in the kitchen. It’s all good and it’s all hard. At least we know that even if they aren’t in our homes forever (maybe they will be! Eek!), they will always be in our hearts and us always in theirs.

  3. We’re in exactly the same place right now… The other day my boy looked up from the floor where he was playing and said “guess what?” I said “what?” he grinned and said “I love you!” Yep, a puddle of Elizabeth goo on the floor. As much fun as it will be to watch him grow into a man, the little boy is so, so sweet.

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