Deep, Dark Confession

Yesterday was chilly & rainy and it snowed further south. I joked on Twitter that it made me want to start decorating for Christmas.

And then later in the day, Jimmy and Daniel both declared they wanted the Christmas tree in the house.

And I agreed. By 6 PM, November 1, our Christmas tree was in the house and working.

I know. I know. My family is the reason we can’t have nice things. We are a teensy bit from being white trash.

The truth is, the tree makes us happy. We won’t decorate it for several more weeks, but hearing Daniel’s excited gasp of “wow!” yesterday made it worthwhile. And Jimmy loves it too.

And let’s be honest. We haven’t been great at managing our time lately considering that we are always carving our pumpkins on Halloween. We are great at making plans and then life gets in the way. Better to set up the tree now and make sure it works (an issue in prior years) instead of a few days before Christmas.

So, yeah. We’re those neighbors. But I don’t care. Daniel begged me to plug in the tree from the time he woke up today. Jimmy loved seeing the lights reflected throughout the house. And I love how cozy it made everything feel when it was raw and chilly outside.

I’m a few steps away from singing Christmas carols. And we all feel so happy; what could possibly be wrong with that???


  1. You renegade! This is great. You’re all kinds of going with the flow this holiday season, aren’t you? Can’t wait to see your turkey day revolution. My kind of gal.

  2. This makes me smile πŸ™‚ Good for you for doing what makes you and your family happy. I LOVE the look and feeling of Christmas trees in a house. So cozy. It is one of the things here that makes me not miss Canadian winter so much. A little touch of home I guess. And hey, you wouldn’t be out of place here at all. Dominicans have their houses all decorated already! πŸ™‚ Since they don’t get Halloween or Thanksigiving, they get desperate to get into the holiday spirit early and I always love seeing it all go up.

  3. HAHAHA! Awesome. I usually make it a point not to put Xmas stuff up until after my birthday, but I MAY HAVE gone to a card making workshop on the first and thoroughly enjoyed all the Xmas trappings. And I MAY HAVE already started a few decorations…If what you wrote above is the dark side, I say use The Force!

  4. You rock that Christmas tree πŸ™‚ You know what, I’d rather have people who are too excited and too happy than people who are apathetic. So yes, grab happiness where you can.

  5. I kind of love that you did this. I will not put up decorations in the house until Black Friday – some people shop we buy a tree, but I’ve been looking and planning.

  6. I LOVE Christmas, and I never seem to get enough of it now that I’m an adult that works her butt off over the holidays. Therefore, I’m pretty much ready to 1. Decorate 2. Listen to Christmas Music and 3. Get our tree. We also can cut a tree down in our local forest with a permit, so if we do it after Thanksgiving, it still feels fresh and wasteful after New Year’s when we take it down. Do what you want! πŸ™‚

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