#MicroblogMondays: the Truth is Out There?

Tonight we headed outside a little before 7 because a rocket was being launched in Virginia and we should be able to see it.

At the appropriate time, we looked up and I pointed out something that looked like it fit: a bright light that appeared to be heading out of the atmosphere, with the light dimming rapidly. It was visible for only a few seconds. Satisfied with what we saw, we headed inside.

It turns out that the launch had been shelved until tomorrow. Soooooo what did we see? We have lots of planes that fly over our house, so we know it wasn’t that. Plus, a few other local folks on twitter reported seeing the same thing.

So what did we see? Was it a secret launch? Was it aliens? I don’t know, but being a few days before Halloween, anything seems possible.




  1. I think it was a secret launch. Or aliens! After all, you’re right – it’s Halloween and anything can happen! I hope you have a great one!

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