#MicroblogMondays: Artsy


Last Friday I joined a group of ladies at a local Wine and Design to mingle, chat, snack and somehow create an Autumnal painting that had at least a passing resemblance to the original painting. It was this last part I was concerned about. I admire greatly those who can draw, chiefly since I cannot. I hadn’t been to Wine and Design before, so I was skeptical about the process, especially given that there would be wine.

But I’ll be damned: it worked! We started with a mostly blank canvas (when I texted this picture to Jimmy, he praised my work; the instructor had drawn these for everyone.)


Over the next two hours, the instructor took us through each step, and by the end we all had really nice paintings.


It was neat to see how different each person’s painting was.Β  And voila! Here’s mine! Don’t know if I’ll frame it, but it was gratifying to produce something that didn’t look like a hot mess!




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