Party Tricks

I need a little levity because one of our cats is very ill and we may need to make some uncomfortable, adult decisions this weekend :-/ Note: sometimes being an adult sucks.

Let’s talk party tricks. I have three:

  1. I was ecstatic when Mel posted last Friday that her daughter is becoming very interested in royalty because *I* have been a devoted regiphile (is that even a word?) for decades and can chatter ad nauseam about the British monarchy from William the Conqueror to present, including spouses and fun facts.  I cannot explain the obsession except that deep down in my black, liberal soul is a long-held desire to be a pretty, pretty princess or queen, preferably in more despotic times. I think I’d be a good benevolent despot!
  2. Thanks to taking Old English for my English degree at Meredith, I had to memorize and recite “Caedmon’s Hymn.” A lot of people think Shakespeare is Old English when it is actually modern.  Chaucer is Middle English (we had to memorize and recite part of the “Prologue” to the Canterbury Tales too), so it can be amusing to recite it for people. And pretentious. And I don’t do it much because who cares about a poem written by a supposedly illiterate cow-herd in the 7th Century?
  3. I can stand on my head. My history with dance could be described as tragic due to my body’s inability to demonstrate coordination, grace or a basic sense of rhythm.  However, one class as a preschooler required us to do a routine that included standing on our heads and doing a few movements with our legs. And I could do it! I can still do it!  OK, I admit I haven’t tried it recently although I threaten to, but I bet with a little practice this old body could still do it. Maybe. And hopefully not have a stroke in the process.

There you have my three party tricks! Of course we’d need to leave the house for me to be able to show them off *at* parties.

What are your party tricks?


  1. I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. Apparently not many people can. I have an impressive memory for lyrics, general knowledge and pop culture useless trivia, but I have never been able to memorise poems as such, unless I hummed them. Honestly, it was a massive bother. It stopped being so after I was done with Uni. Thanks to speaking a couple of Latin languages and a couple of Germanic ones, I can understand other written languages from these groups, which always, without exception, impresses people and makes them envious. It all comes down to having the gift for foreign languages though, study and repetion aside.

  2. Ah! Those party tricks are why I deeply desire to party with you. And by “party” I mean get accidentally drunk while watching Monarchy. 😉

  3. Royalty in the modern world is super weird. I must say paying taxes in the UK and learning about things like leaseholds (in much of London, you can’t own land, just “lease” it from aristocratic families who will own it for eternity) made me less of a fan.

    I can’t think of a single party trick I can do! Dang. I am thoroughly untalented 🙂

  4. Um, I can explain why used cars lose their value the moment you drive them off the lot and then relate that to why the ACA is set up the way it is. (Economists are real party animals…) I tell my students it’s great cocktail conversation, and they laugh, having no idea I’m being serious.

  5. I don’t think I have any, but my mom can tear a phone book in half…and I don’t mean down the spine. She’s tried to teach me but I’ve never mastered it.

  6. I hope your kitty is okay…

    My party trick is doing accents and impersonations. Elmo, Keanu Reeves, Janice from Friends, to name but a few. I can do lots of different accents from across the UK and US, and beyond. Really makes people laugh, and I love that!

  7. We would welcome any and all blatherings about the royal family. I just walked down into the kitchen to grab a soda and heard Josh saying to Chickie, “well, that would be the Duke of Gloucester…”

    But I’m really sorry about your cat and holding you in my heart.

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