Still Life with Pharmaceuticals

Three cases of pink eye. His & her prescriptions for antibiotics prescribed on the same day. Enough Sudafed to make a meth dealer happy. Robitussin chugged straight from the bottle. And the go-to Alka Seltzer Cold & Cough. It’s been an interesting, painful week. Oh and Daniel, the original Patient Zero? After his initial bout of illness, he was fine after a couple of days. His parents, however, have been the walking dead.

How is your week going?



  1. Ha – I’m on week 2 of what I call “Bob Costas eyes”and haven’t braved a dr. yet. Sinus headache today. Husband has had the stomach bug for 12 hours so far and is being SUPER whiny. “Why won’t someone tell me what to do about it?” He’s wandering around the house infecting every surface, so I have no idea where I can sleep tonight other than the floor in the girls room.

  2. Oh, I’m sorry. Ian enjoyed his week of laughing at me and Abby for our ‘cute hoarseness’ as he called it. He got his turn, though, minus the hoarse. It’s that miserable time of year. Feel better!!

  3. We only have one person on anti-biotics. I’m still trying to shake a cold while dealing with seasonal allergies. I have allergy med, but it makes me a little slow, so I’m putting off taking it today… I’m at work for a school function (currently on break) until 5:10pm. Tomorrow I will sleep.

  4. bleah, no fun! Hope y’all are on the mend, or at least will be soon.
    my boy has been sick in a weird symptoms come-and-go way all last week. hopefully all done now.

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