What Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl has started, but we aren’t watching. We do actually know the teams in the game and while we aren’t huge football fans, we usually watch the game. You know… For the commercials! This year, though, we’re just “meh” on it. It’s not a big deal to us.

I wouldn’t think anything of our not watching the Super Bowl if it weren’t for the fact that a similar pattern of ennui has infected our other TV watching. Downton Abbey is on. Season 4 of Downton-freaking-Abbey! The post-Matthew season! And we haven’t watched more than an hour of the new season. I don’t think we’re bored with it, but I wonder why a show that made me jump with anticipation the last two seasons garners no more than a “whatever…I’ll catch up on Amazon” reaction.

I think we are hibernating a bit. We spent January catching up on the last few seasons of The Office and the time spent in Scranton was just what we needed. We finished up the last episode last night & deemed it one of the best series finales ever. I remember when I refused to watch The Office because it was too real. Then, a few years ago, we binge watched the first 6 seasons and loved it.

So now we need to decide what we’ll watch next. Downton? House of Cards 2? Game of Thrones 3? We’ll see. I think we want an escape from reality: work is crazy for both of us & will continue to be for a while. I’m also stunned at how quickly time is flying. January, usually my least favorite month, passed quickly. Maybe this speed is our new reality.

So tonight we continue to bury our head in the sand. With the snow last week, it was a weird weekend. Today we made crepes for Candlemas Day and I was thrilled that though Daniel rejected the marmalade filling in his first one (at his request I might add), he loved the nutella filling(!!!!) in his second. We used a family recipe, and it was a sweet moment.

May your team win or whatever is your marker for the night. Maybe we’ll feel more in tune with the world soon.



  1. Ian is super excited about new House of Cards. I’m meh about it. We still haven’t finished Dexter! Have to get to that.

    I think we’ll have to have crepes soon. Sounds good!

  2. I have also been MEH about Downton Abbey and I can’t quite figure out why. I loved last season but then we never saw the Christmas special because I couldn’t really be bothered to watch Matthew die and now I just can’t seem to garner any enthusiasm about it. Not sure why.

    I would HIGHLY recommend GoT3. It’s AMAZING.

  3. Maybe the first time we watch something in Europe before it is aired in US. I mean Downton, of course. This season was less, I dunno, exciting. There are things happening, and plots and twists and they do manage to not be boring, but there is definitely less oomph. And it’s not just the post-Matthew thing, it is most probably just me. And you. And the rest of the public. 🙂 But watch it, I did, which I do not regret. At least there’s that.
    Have you seen Sherlock by any chance? That one is good as well. It’s in its third series now, and the wedding episode must be one of the funniest things I have seen in while.
    We couldn’t give a flying fig on Super bowl over here, as expected. But I knew it was this weekend, because my entire food section (blogs, fb, whatever) was flooded with SB recipes. Jeez, one would not be surprised to have cooking books dedicated to SB on the market. As silly as that sounds to me. 🙂

  4. I LOVED Sherlock! Great suggestion Mina. And yes, the wedding episode was brilliant.

    Downton was…okay. Watchable. Not terrible by any means. Just…subdued. Kind of like your overall description of goings on at present. That said, the last scene this year made me shout. (But I won’t say good or bad…INTRIGUED YET???)

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