What Level of Hell is Decorating for Christmas?

‘Twas the day after Thanksgiving

And we thought we’d planned well

How we’d decorate for Christmas

But found ourselves in hell


Nothing seemed to work

No matter what we tried

We surveyed our shoddy work

And maybe even cried


I threw up my hands

Wanted to concede defeat

Maybe not decorating

Could be an unexpected treat


But we looked at each other

And vowed to keep trying

We’d make the decor work

Even if we kept sighing


So maybe it won’t be done

By the time the weekend ends

But surely, eventually

By the time Christmas begins



We tried so hard to decorate today but found ourselves stymied by everything.

The tree we bought last year had a series of lights on top suddenly go dark after several days of perfect performance.  Why not have a lighting gap on your tree? And obviously we can’t finish decorating until we fix the problem with the lights.

lights out on christmas tree

Not noticeable at all!

Jimmy took the top to the kitchen to play the “which bulb is the culprit?” game. The lights are supposed to stay on if one goes out; we speculate there must be more than one out for the strand to go dark. Maybe. Hopefully. We’ve ordered a tool to help.

top of Christmas tree

The head! The head!!!

Last year I bought several new strands of lights for the outside. After trying 10 strands this year, only 4 worked.

failed christmas lights

The lights that don’t work

After putting them on the bushes, it looks like only some of the strands work since the colors are So Very Different!

holiday lights outside

None of these things are like the other

After the holidays last year, we sent our tree skirt to the dry cleaners and asked if they could tighten the buttons on the skirt. We’ve had the tree skirt for 10 years, and it needed a little work. They said no and returned the skirt to us clean but with buttons looser than they were before. We’ll need to repair them before we can use the skirt.

Loose buttons on tree skirt

Buttons are begging to fall off

We were able to decorate some of the house successfully, but it certainly does feel like one step forwards, two steps back when it comes to everything else 🙂 Thankfully, there is our annual viewing of Christmas Vacation to help with catharsis.


  1. My husband works retail and I have no aspirations to decorate by myself, so there’s no telling when we’ll decorate.

  2. Decorating can only go one of two ways. I’m sorry today was not the awesome one. Also, what kind of dry cleaner doesn’t fix buttons?!? I’ve never heard of that.

    1. Exactly! This dry cleaner advertises tailoring services! Apparently they only take work they can do on a sewing machine. We were in disbelief. I can sew on buttons but it would be awesome if I didn’t have to!


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