This is Your Brain on Meetings

Sartre said that Hell is other people. I’ve amended that statement to say that Hell is other people AND/OR meetings. That’s what I have decided and considering the number of meetings I’ve attended this week, I must be in hell. Which level of Dante’s hell do you think meetings would reside? Or do meetings comprise some sort of less tangible, existential hell?

The above musings are a nice way of saying that I have a fried brain from all the meetings I’ve attended this week. Plus, my mother and stepfather are arriving tomorrow for the day (and dinner at The Angus Barn!), so we are cleaning all the things, grumpily, because no one slept well last night. It’s a barrel of laughs here, folks. Really.

Since I have nothing original to contribute, I thought I’d share a few links I found interesting this week.

  • I’m an avid reader of Julie Shapiro’s blog Related Topics in which she tackles family law issues, many of which are pertinent for anyone undergoing ART or adopting.  I don’t always agree with her and her commenters can be…interesting…but she is always thought-provoking. Anyway, she has been tackling the idea of social infertility through a series of posts, and the most recent one is particularly worth reading.
  • Several of us had a series of Twitter conversations about parenting and the wounds of infertility after we read a specific post in which some of the comments were less than kind about those parenting.  Arch Mama did an amazing job of expressing her feelings and what I am sure are the feelings of many others on this topic. I wanted to write a supplemental post on the topic but couldn’t, so I leave you with Arch Mama’s words which address the issue far better than I could.
  • This post We Need to Change How We Talk About Rape blew my mind. It’s long and the all-caps format is difficult, but it is so worth the time investment. It truly changed how I perceived rape culture as well as some attitudes I held about personal accountability. I admit that some of my previously-held opinions were wrong. Please, please read.
  • Lastly, I (and many others) had 2 great bloggy & twitter friends feel they had to quit social media this week, and it makes me sad. These are wonderful people who need support, and I hate that they felt – for a variety of reasons – that these spaces weren’t going to be able to meet their needs.  For the haters who say that connections made over social media aren’t genuine, I beg to differ. I miss these ladies terribly, and I worry about them. Yes, there are other ways to get in touch with them, but it’s like voices have dropped out of the conversation.

That’s all I’ve got. How was your week? What’s on your mind?


  1. I’m leading a meeting soon! Wahoo! And I’m about to volunteer to lead several years’ worth of monthly meetings… so that’s a thing. I like to think that I run a decent meeting but there’s a limit to meetings and their usefulness for sure.

    I’ve been thinking about the new healthcare mandate and how in December the websites will be swamped with procrastinators who have put off shopping for insurance until the last moment, then the smashing and breaking of the websites because apparently designers forget how excited a great many people are about these exchanges and therefore they under-plan for volume, and further fiasco.

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